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Normally, I would balk at the idea of participating in winter activities. I would rather hide out in my home for 6 months then venture outside for even 15 minutes in the snow. However, one of my parent friends (who grew up in warmer weather) invited my daughter and I to go ice skating at the Olympic Oval at the University of Calgary. I said yes.

I figured that my daughter was a Canadian baby and should enjoy and get used to the winter. Honestly she love the snow. She loves the show so much I wonder if she is really mine.

children eating snow

Plus, if my friend was taking her son to the skating rink, I could take my daughter too! I mean I am Canadian. I should be able to go skating, and enjoy it…?

The day we were supposed to go ice skating it started to snow. I was in bed, I looked out my window and picked up my phone to cancel. When I text my friend that I probably wouldn’t make it because it was cold she text back “It’s not outside!…Noooo. No outside for me today!” I was so relieved. Skating INDOORS. What a perfect blend of winter and comfort.

skating at the ice rink. Do black people do winter activities ice skating in calgary

How much was it to skate at the Olympic Oval?

The great thing about the Oval is that you can rent skates and helmets are free! Being the #1 Winter hater I am, I own no equipment for winter sports. Needless to say, I was grateful for the skate rental service. Admission for my daughter and I plus two skate rentals come to $17.50. Not bad! That is less than drop in yoga. And you can’t take your child to yoga (not real yoga anyway).

Is it hard taking a toddler ice skating?

Heck yes! I’m not even going to lie. We spent the majority of our time in the Oval getting the skates on and attempting not to fall. I haven’t skated since elementary, but even if I were good, it would take a lot of strength and stamina to go around the rink and not be dragged down by my little girl.

the things you use during ice skating so you don't fall
Get your mouth off the bar!

My daughter really liked skating! She could even walk in her skates on her own. I was thoroughly impressed. She LOVED the ice and attempted to skate while using the red things (not sure what they are called) that help you balance. mom and daughter ice skatingThe day consisted of my daughter holding on to the handlebars of the red guide while I skated behind and pushed her along. All the while I would be making sure that she didn’t move her feet too much, slip, and hit her head. It was a tonne of fun though. My friend and I laughed all the way around. We really only made it around two or three times.

In all fairness, it was 2.5 times. We were exhausted on the third time around. We struggled to make it halfway. We were so exhausted that we cut across the concrete divide of the oval. being silly at the ice rink mother and son ice skating

Skating was major fun. It was great to get out with friends and watch my daughter try a new activity.

Next time I go back to the rink with my daughter it will be to watch her taking skating lessons while I sit back and drink my coffee. #aintaboutthatlife