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#abpoli Alberta Politics

Let’s get real: In Alberta it doesn’t matter if a PC candidate is a raving lunatic or a sack of potatoes with a wing and sunglasses. There is an 80% chance that they will win a seat for MLA. Out of 87 seats in the Legislature 70 belong to the PC Party.  Quite a few of those currently occupying those seats had substandard credentials in comparison to those in other parties running against them.

My Vote Doesn’t Matter

Many people will agree with what I have said above and and say “my vote doesn’t matter”. I both agree and disagree. By the time the election rolls around, your vote mostly likely “doesn’t matter”. Almost nine times out of ten, the PC candidate will win. It doesn’t matter if Mrs. NDP has better experience or if the Liberal Party’s platform is more robust. The PC candidate WILL win.

Yes, Your Vote matters…in the right place

BUT! Yes, but. Your vote does matter. In general, voting (and having our vote properly counted) is a great privilege that we have in Canada. The fact that your vote is counted at all means that your vote matters.

Apart from the guilt trip, your vote matters most at the Party level. Think about it: if you KNOW that who ever is the PC candidate will win the election then why not pick the candidate you like the most.


Calgary Cross Riding

As we speak there is a nomination happening right now in my riding. Yvonne Fritz, who has always supported my community, is stepping down as MLA. There are 6 candidates vying for the nomination to be PC Candidate in my riding. I’m not going to sit here and lie that I am a conservative. However, I am going to buy a membership so that I have some influence in who will likely win the seat. The vote is March 21st, and I’ll be there.

I have decided to vote for Hardeep Rai

I met Hardeep at my community centre and he impressed me. He is one of two hopefuls that actually live in the riding. You can read the propaganda (jk) on his website, but I will tell you why I will be voting for him to be the PC Candidate. Hardeep answered my questions (everything from his view on subsidies, to oil royalties, to how he manages five children) candidly and is an overall likable guy.

His views mostly align with mine, and to be honest, he kept it real. Notice how I didn’t mention political experience? That is because almost none of the other contenders have that experience.  Aside from that, the President of our community association also said that he was her top choice. I deeply respect her opinion as do many in my community.

Our conversation lasted about an hour. I won’t repeat the things he told me not because they are bad, but because everything can be misconstrued in politics. If you ever get the chance to meet him, I am sure you would also like him.



Basically all I am saying is that you should vote at all levels of government. Even if you don’t like a party, buy a membership and help to decide who the general public will vote for. You gotta make your voice heard everywhere!

What I Wore

Just in case you are wondering, this is what I wore to meet Hardeep. I figured I would keep it conservative!