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Hello Hello Hello!

I am spending Christmas alone and I am so excited about it! Every year I always wonder why I participate in Christmas. I stress over gifts, what I am supposed to bring to the potluck, and a million other things.

I hosted Christmas Dinner a couple years ago and I wrote this…

“I was really happy for it to be over!  I love my family, but I felt drained after the whole thing. I don’t think that I am cut out for hosting, so hopefully, it is another three years before I have to again”

This year I decided that I wasn’t going to do it any more. I have come to the conclusion that life is just too short to participate in holidays that I don’t enjoy. Life is too short to indulge in consumerism and dread…oh and credit card bills. That is why I booked a ticket to Vancouver and left it all behind.

I know there are thousands of other people who really want to opt out of Christmas, and hopefully this can be inspiration for them to say “no thank you” next year 🙂

You can see my full explaination in this video!

Video Summaries

  • I don’t like Christmas because
    • a) I am not Christian
    • b) I don’t like the consumerism
    • c) I don’t feel like over spending
  • I chose Vancouver because
    • There is no snow
    • Things are open during Christmas
    • I feel no need to explore the city (helping me to stay in)
    • People aren’t nice, so when I go out people won’t talk to me 🙂

Why spending Christmas Alone is the Best

I have a great family! I love every single person in my family and we all get along really well. I never feel lonely at home (and I don’t feel lonely right now FYI) because my family and I spend A LOT of time together. Quality time.

You may or may not have an amazing family, but spending Christmas alone is great for the following reason

You get to do everything you have always wanted to do, but have never had time to do!

Things to do alone at Christmas

Work On Your Hobbies.

Have that oil painting that you haven’t finished since summer? Finish it baby! No one is around to bother you. No one is calling. There is no work. Paint or read or shine your skis while in blissful silence.

Eat Alone!

Oh my goodness. There is nothing better than eating EXACTLY what you want all alone. Eat it right from the take out container. No fancy place settings. No cleaning up after people. No pretending to like that over cooked pork. Nope, you get to eat what you want when you want.

Get Yourself Something you WANT.

Why are you waiting until Boxing Day to get yourself the items you actually want. Get that stuff for yourself BEFORE Christmas, enjoy it on Christmas, and relax on Boxing Day. Oh and skipping out on Christmas means that you don’t have to buy anyone anything. It’s a win-win lol.

Enjoy Your Own Company.

There are too many people in this world who cannot enjoy a little time alone. They have a constant need for interaction with other humans which can be debilitating. You need to learn to love yourself and your time alone with yourself. A constant need for attention or the inability to be alone with your own thoughts is a sign that you made be in need for a little self-realization.

There are a tonne of other great things about being alone over the holiday season, but I have books to read and pet projects to finish!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!