September 4, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

Anybody who really knows me knows that I hate Stephen Harper. Some may ask “Jameela, how can you hate someone you don’t know?” That is a valid question, and I answer it like this. I have seen the way Stephen Harper conducts himself in public, I have taken note of the tactics he uses to assert power and control, and I have witnessed the embarrassing bills that he has passed with his majority government.

Stephen Harper is the worst Canadian Prime Minister in recent history

I would hate to bore my readers with too much political analysis, but I do want to say my #1 reason for disliking (hating – a word I’ll stop using because it is simply un-Canadian) Harper is because he is reckless with the economy.

Harper’s Reckless Spending

I confess, I am fiscally conservative: I don’t believe for one second that the government can spend a dollar better than you or I. However, I do believe there are certain programs that the government must spend on for the benefit of all society. I just wish that spending would be efficient.

Remember back in 2010 when Harper wanted to spend around 40 billion dollars on some fighter jets? Then a few years later the figure ballooned to over 80 billion. Great budgeting! If the other parties hadn’t made such a fuss about it I’m sure we would have handed over our good money to Lockheed Martin.

Then there was the most recent “Christmas in July” $3 billion child benefit cheques that were sent out this year. It smelled like vote buying to me. The way the Conservatives paraded around the benefit weeks before the cheques came out was disgusting. Honestly, it reminds me of Ghanaian political tactics where politicians buy cloth for people in select voting areas weeks before an election.

Anyway, it’s obvious that Harper and the Conservatives are not fiscally responsible. They inherited a surplus of $13.8 billion and have failed to balance a budget every year since.


All I am saying is I don’t need someone pretending to be a Conservative wasting my money. There are many other options for that.

Why Stephen Harper embarrasses the land we call Canada:

  • Contempt for the Canadian democratic process (Read:  Proroguing Parliament to avoid answering questions about senate scandal)
  • Consistently trying to pass laws that are unconstitutional (Read: Stephen Harper v the Supreme Court)
  • Pretends to be a “leader” on the world stage which has resulted in strained US- Canada Relations (pipeline badgering) , poor Canada- Russia relations (not hard but not easy either) , etc (Use the Google)
  • Attempts to undermine the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Read bill C-51 here or get the overview here)
  • Spending cuts to Status of Women (shutting down 12 out of 16 Status of Women offices)
  • Election Fraud (National Post)
  • I will stop here, but that is the tip of the iceberg (low refugee intake, unfortunate changes to immigration policies, lack of attention to aboriginal rights, the right to strip a Canadian of their citizenship – Bill C24-, etc)

In addition to the above here are some tasty nuggets from the 2015 budget

  • $12 billion increased spending for the Department of National Defense (Are we the U.S?)
  • Increasing the TFSA contribution limit to $10,000 which will cost over $13.8 billion over six years (Now I see why he can’t balance the budget)
  • no concrete plan for improving health care
  • no concrete plan to improve child care
  • no concrete plan to reduce the burden on municipalities

Stephen Harper is a Completely Useless Prime Minister

During his time in office, Harper has “undermined the prerogatives of Parliament, eroded privacy rights, debased political debate, demoralized the public service, and cheapened the national discourse. He doesn’t care.” – Ibbitson

I don’t think Harper has done a good job in the many years he has been in office. I also don’t believe that anything will get better or worse with a different government. What I do know is that Harper has such a terrible economic record that it is justification enough to send him packing in October.