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I usually don’t wear makeup. Mostly because I am too lazy. I figure that I could spend an extra 10 minutes sleeping than applying makeup.


Is there a benefit to natural make up?

When I do wear make-up I do my best to use natural products. Why? Because certain types of chemicals have the ability to be absorbed by your skin and go into your bloodstream. Now before we all panic, remember that not all chemical compounds that can be absorbed are dangerous to the human body. In addition to that, our bodies (assuming you also are human) are extremely good at defending against unwanted foreign bodies.

Why I wear natural makeup

I wear natural make-up because I am no scientist. I prefer to apply things to my face and body that are naturally occurring and safe for humans in large(ish), sustained doses. No arsenic or lead for me :p!

Natural Make-up Brands in Canada

When it comes to natural make up,I like to use Pure Anada foundation. It is a made in Canada product that gives me pretty good coverage. It is a pressed powder and I buy it at Madigan Pharmacy ( 6060 Memorial Drive East, Calgary). The line covers a lot of skin tones, so if you have deep skin you can try out this brand.


My friend recommend a lipstick called BITE that is also 100% natural and made in Canada. They claim that their products are edible, but I’ll let you test that out!

Where to buy Natural Make-up in Calgary

If you are looking for natural make-up in Calgary you can check out these stores and spas:

Natural Art of Skin Care
Madigan Pharmacy
Bombay Beauty Loft
Inner Balance Spa

Educate yourself

Simply because someone or some entity makes a claim about their makeup doesn’t mean it is scientifically backed. Many times, companies will misconstrue the facts to work in their favor. I suggest doing your own research. Nothing too time consuming. You can read the abstracts of a few peer reviewed studies and call it a day.

What are your fave natural make-up brands?