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Now, there are few things I love more than made-to-measure and made in Canada.

I recently attended Anneke Forbes’ “Make Your Own Motorcycle Jacket” event and it was amazing. Getting clothing made for you seems like a luxury, but it really is a necessity when you are choosing an investment piece like a jacket. There is nothing better than wearing a unique piece that fits you perfectly. I find that when a garment fits your body, you feel more confident because you KNOW you look amazing in it. According to Anneke, “Investing in a jacket you intend to wear for the rest of your life is worth the extra money to make sure it feels amazing and looks like it was made for you (because it was).” I could not agree more.

Custom made ethical fashion outdoor jackets canada calgary
I’m wearing Anneke’s Blue Moto Jacket!

How Making A Custom Jacket Works

Every made-to-measure order from Anneke includes a consultation with Martina (her super talented pattern maker) and Anneke. In that consultation, they determine how to nail that personalized fit. It all begins in the studio where you try on the jacket or jackets that most closely suit your size and shape. They then tweak it from there. Martina sees it all, and knows the best ways to adjust patterns to keep the cost of customization low and your love of the jacket all-consuming. If the alterations are minor, Anneke and Martina will likely go straight into pattern making and you will be notified once the jacket is complete.

The best part is that you can choose your leather colours, lining, hardware color, and pulls. At the event, Anneke informed us that she uses RiRi zippers, the Rolls Royce of zippers, and I have to admit, the zippers are badass and high quality.

Custom made ethical fashion outdoor jackets canada calgary

My perfect Combo

If I were to get a custom jacket I would for sure choose the Indigo lambskin, jewel-toned purple lining, antique gold hardware, and a cylindrical pull. YES! There are so many options, your mind would be blown!

For the record, she has 96 lamb skin, 61 pig suede, 133 lining, and 6 hardware colour options will be present at the event, along with 15 zipper tab choices.

If you are overwhelmed, I suggest starting with your favourite colours for the jacket and getting help with the finer details (like zipper tab choice) from Anneke

But What About Cost?!

Everyone knows that custom pieces are more expensive than off the rack, but honestly, Anneke’s customization is very reasonable and she works with you through the whole process so that there are no surprise charges. Hallelujah!

Custom made ethical fashion outdoor jackets canada calgary

About Anneke and Martina

Anneke Forbes

I love Anneke. She is so committed to the cause of high-quality, timeless pieces.  She strives to create garments that will survive both daily wear and passing trends so your daughter can cherish your jacket as much as you do.

Martina Carello

Martine has 25 years of experience in the industry with national brands like Reitmans and Jacob trusting her eye and expertise to develop and standardize product. Apart from being a total fit wizard, her warm demeanor and sharing spirit have made her a defining part of Anneke’s business.

Why Buy Custom?

Despite the fact that Anneke’s jackets are well-fitting to begin with, a refined fit is infinitely better. Anneke sums it up Perfectly by saying “The fact of the matter is that a lot of us don’t quite match up to off the rack sizing, and that’s why I offer made-to-measure. Compensating for short arms, broad shoulders, or a slim waistline are adjustments that, if made to the pattern prior to sewing, can result in a perfect, personalized fit.”

Click this sentence if you want to learn more about Anneke and book a consultation today 🙂

Anneke in her studio!