April 10, 2015 Jameela 2Comment

You are attending MotionBall 2015 this year and you know the theme is SHINE. If you are anything like me, you still don’t have an outfit! Don’t fret. Here are three outfits that you can pick up locally and make you stand out from the crowd.

Cream Sequins!

I can bet my hat everyone will be wearing standard silver sequins or a boring black sequin dress. Don’t blend in. Since it is spring, do yourself a favour and choose a light cream pallet. Accessorize with this season’s metal: gold and  you will be turning heads all night!

Don’t forget the details with strappy black heels and glitter nail polish.

Cream Sequin Outfit
Get the look: Similar skirt at Joyce’s Closet. Tropics and tundra necklace: alora.ca

Shine With Colour

If you are not one to literally interpret anything, I suggest getting your shine on with colour! Think neon, colour blocking, and print.
neon dresses
Get the look: Similar Deisugal Dresses at espy experience

Sequins and Colour

This combination is NOT for the faint at heart. However, it is the best interpretation of the SHINE theme. Think of it like this, the people being celebrated at Motionball are stars. They standout form the rest of society in the best way possible. They are different like a lovely yellow sundress dress in a sea of grey shift dresses. What better way to show off your style then with these lovely style statements.
Colour and Sequins
Get the look: Similar coloured sequin skirt: Joyce’s Closet.