July 15, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

I am only posting about this because people legitimately ask me what I eat. I don’t care what you had for breakfast and you probably shouldn’t care what I eat for breakfast. What is really important is that you eat breakfast. Every morning.

What makes a good breakfast?

  1. Eggs
  2. Whole Grains
  3. Fresh Fruit
  4. Yogurt

Why should I even eat breakfast?

I had a professor in school that insisted we eat breakfast everyday. He would go as far as to ask us every class what we ate for breakfast! He really wanted us to eat breakfast because breakfast can

  1. prevent weight gain by helping you control your hunger
  2. boost short-term memory
  3. lower the risk of type 2 diabetes (Business Insider) by helping to control your insulin levels

I think that eating breakfast helps me to maintain my weight. I don’t get super hungry as quickly as I used to when I didn’t eat breakfast on a regular basis. I believe that eating breakfast helps me to maintain my metabolism.

Alright, now that I feel like I have provided some useful information I will tell you what I eat for breakfast. Since I am a creature of habit I eat the SAME thing every morning. My breakfast consists of the following:

  • two fried eggs WITH the yolk
  • english muffin
  • mushrooms
  • sausage
  • avocado
  • spinach
  • fried plantain or potatoes

No one cares what you had for breakfast

I am not telling you that if you eat the same thing as me you will boost your metabolism or lose weight. All I am saying is you should really make the effort to eat breakfast everyday and make good choices.