September 17, 2014 Jameela 2Comment

I get the question “(So like) What do you do during the day?” all the time. I especially got that questions when my daughter was younger and wasn’t attending day home.

Some people think that working from home or being a stay at home mom is all lunch dates, sleeping until noon, and sending out a couple e-mails at 2pm. Running your own business and being a mother is a bit more than that.

Let me take you through my Wednesday:

  1. I woke up. Early. My daughter is my alarm clock, so I get up at the same time everyday. It is actually nice because I get things done during the day.
  2. I got myself and my daughter ready for the day (getting dressed, eating, brushing teeth etc). I had to carefully select her bunny dress and pink pants. I also made sure to put out her “pretty shoes” so she didn’t fight me to get dressed!bunny dress
  3. Drove Amani to dayhome.
  4. I ran to the store to grind my coffee beans. I really need to invest in a coffee grinder. (As an aside, did you know Safeway has a coffee grinder you can use?)
  5. I worked on and completed my businesses Media Kit.
  6. Scheduled the weeks social media posts.
  7. Sent clients price lists and quoted custom pieces.
  8. Scheduled meetings.
  9. Lunch Time!
  10. After lunch I get a bit lazy, so I did some more work. Nothing that required too much brain power: replying to emails, talking to suppliers…
  11. I picked up my daughter from day home.
  12. Went downtown to meet someone to sell tickets for the Obsidian Awards. I volunteer on their committee, so I also volunteered to sell tickets.
  13. Went to the store to exchange my daughter’s  boots for “pink boots” since she refused to wear the the sparkly black boots I thought were fabulous!
  14. I went back home and got my hair done by my lovely mother.
  15. Ate! Yum Dinner!
  16. Put Amani to bed.
  17. Tidied the house.
  18. Worked on a giveaway for the business.
  19. Had an evening chat with my husband. You know, relationship building stuff.
  20. Got ready for and went to bed!

Of course, some days are more productive than others. I recognize that there are only 24 hours in a day. You have to make (almost) everyone count. Hours quote: Difference between success and failure