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This Christmas break my oldest daughter decided to make a welcome banner craft for the family. I complied and we set off to make the best Welcome Banner ever!

Welcome Banner Kids Craft – DIY

This is a very simple craft that takes about an hour to complete depending on the time spent decorating.


  • glue
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • string or chain
  • stamps, stickers, crayons, and other decorating items
  • Seven 12×12 inch decorative paper
  • Four to Five pieces of 8.5 x 11-inch black paper (cut in half)



  1. Make a template for your child to cut: I just drew a triangle with a ruler on the back of the paper and told my daughter to cut along the lines. diy-welcome-bunting-banner-kids-craft-step-by-step-1-2000x1330 diy-welcome-bunting-banner-kids-craft-step-by-step-2000x1330
  2. Cut out Letters: I know there are a lot of Pinterest printables out in the interwebs, but this is real life. I don’t have time for that! I simply drew what looked like a recognizable block letter and cut it out using black paper. If you are really interested in having perfect letters you can use this template: Printable Cut out Letters 
  3. Glue the Letters onto the triangles. I instructed my daughter to put on the glue herself and paste on the letters. This particular photo is an example I showed my daughter. She obviously used much, much more glue than that on the other letters. When I went to the sink to rinse something I came back the E was glued on backwards! “No worries,” I thought “It is her craft” :pbunting-letters-diy-welcome-banner-fireplace-2-2000x1330 bunting-letters-diy-welcome-banner-fireplace-2000x1330bunting-letters-diy-welcome-banner-fireplace-1-2000x1330
  4. DECORATE! This is the fun part. I busted out all the stamps, stickers, and crayons for my daughter. I drew the line aatmy daughter using paint. Even though she didn’t get paint, I think she had more than enough stuff to use for her creation. decorating-a-bunting-triangle-banner-kids-children-1-1330x2000 decorating-a-bunting-triangle-banner-kids-children-2000x1330 kids-having-fun-with-crafts-welcome-banner-2000x1330
  5. Punch Holes on either side of the triangles for the string or chain and string the chain through in an over, under pattern.what-to-use-to-hang-a-welcome-banner-diy-2000x1330what-to-use-to-hang-a-welcome-banner-diy-1-2000x1330
  6. Hang and Enjoy!welcome-banner-diy-2000x1330kids-having-fun-with-crafts-welcome-banner-1-2000x1330

This was a super easy and super fun craft. It didn’t take long and my four-year-old did the majority of the work. As you can see some of the triangles are crooked, and some triangles are seriously overdone. It’s cute though! I think we had a good bonding experience and she learned that she could make something almost all on her own 🙂

What are your favorite crafts to do with your kids? 

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