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I love wearing blazers when going out with friends. For a night out, I love to wear my black blazer with some color in the form of colourful tights, colorful top, and gemstone bracelets. A blazer instantly makes a casual look a bit more classy and will keep you warm when it cools down at night.

Dressing for Cold Weather

Even though it was -25 outside, I opted for a skirt and tights.  Pants are not my favourite thing in the world to wear even when it is cold!  I don’t think you understand the severity of the cold up here. It was fricken cold. It was so cold that walking 30 meters from my door to my car was torture. I don’t think that 65% of humanity could survive out here. Even those of us who are born here suffer through.

I usually carry a pair of boots in my bag when I know I’ll be walking outside for more than 60 seconds and wear my biggest coats in times of snowmageddon.

Once inside, it is a different story. I can feel free in regular clothes and shoes while I pretend that it isn’t a barren wasteland outside.

These shoes are amazing! I got them at Velour Clothing. SO comfy.

Blazer Love

I love blazers because they make the transition from dinner to dancing very simple. You can go from “I look semi-professional” to “I’m ready to tear up the dancefloor” by taking off one piece of clothing. You can also make really short, tight clothing look decent with the addition of a blazer. I love short tight clothing, soooo thank god for blazers.

3 Casual Blazer Styling Tips

  1. Wear a blazer without anything underneath!
  2. Mix a blazer with denim or a casual dress
  3. Wear a long blazer that skims the bottom of a pair of short-shorts.

Do you have any styling tips? Find this post on Instagram and comment there!

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