March 22, 2016 Jameela 6Comment

The weather was beautiful on the West coast of Canada in February. Normally, the weather is terrible during this time of year, so I took advantage of the sunshine and took a few photographs.

#1 – Rusted Door

I was roaming around Vancouver and I saw this abandoned, rusted door frame in an alley. I took a bunch of photographs of it, but this is the first. I loved the repeating pattern of the hearts (I know they aren’t hearts, but that is what I chose to see). I also enjoyed the texture that the rust gave the metal. Taken with 50mm lens.


#2 and #3 – Buddha Middle Way

I walked around with this Buddha statue and took photos of it on stones, in mounds of fruits and at the docks in Victoria. One of my favourite photos was of it in the middle of the road. I’m not a Buddhist, but this photo reminded me of “The Middle Way”, the balance between indulgence and asceticism. Taken with 50mm lens. buddha middle waybuddha middle way

#4 – Seagull in Flight

I was on the ferry and there were a bunch of seagulls hovering around the vessel. I hate birds (unless they are on my plate), but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to capture these birds in flight. Taken with 55-300mm lens.

bird in the sky

#5 – Church in Victoria

There was a church that continued to demand my attention as I explore Victoria. I was really hoping for a blue sky when I took pictures of the exterior, but I worked with the weather I had. The sky actually helped to show how imposing the church was on the lively street corner.

church in victoria

I think these may make it into my photo-book!