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First Impressions/Atmosphere

My first impressions of Briggs Kitchen and bar was “hipster nation”. To my pleasant surprise it was very “hipster”, but family friendly too. The décor was the perfect blend of rustic and modern. Which I think is perfect for the Beltline area in Calgary. Why? Because Calgary is a young city that is in between its rural heritage and its metropolitan future. Briggs Kitchen and bar window front The first thing I noticed was the very friendly staff. We were promptly seated, at a large round rustic looking wood table with comfortable high back chairs against an exposed brick wall. It was our first time there, so when we asked for the menu we were impressed and surprised when our waitress told us that our menus were folded up and part of the utensil arrangement! At Briggs you can buy plates to share or individually. I really like the thought of buying a dish that the whole table can share. It really creates a sense of community and enhances the dining experience.


To start we had the Mushroom Deviled Eggs and the Josper Smoked Chicken Wings. The Chorizo (pork sausage) was smoked perfectly and the mushroom sauce was creamy and super tasty. The wings were succulent and tender! There was loads of flavor in every bite. It seemed like they really took the time to marinate them beforehand.

Urban Dining in Calgary – Briggs Kitchen & Bar - Appetizers


I ordered the 100% ground chuck burger with a fried egg and avocado (extra). The burger was so juicy! It was well seasoned and a good size. The avocado was fresh and firm and the fried egg was perfectly cooked! The fries seemed homemade and were perfectly seasoned (that seems to be a recurring theme at this restaurant). My favourite part was that the fries were hot, but not so hot that you have to wait for them to cool down before you eat them. I love food that is at the perfect temperature to shove in my mouth right away! My sister also got the burger with the blue cheese. She mentioned that the blue cheese on its own was “gross”, but all together the flavors really came together. My mother ordered the Hearty Flatbread. When it came she realized that there was pork on it she was really disappointed. No matter: the staff promptly apologized (twice) and switched her order for a flat bread with chicken instead. There is nothing better than a restaurant that makes an effort to help out a customer! That is extra points in my book. My mom said that the sauce was excellent and she was pleased with her meal overall. Salad was also at the table. My mother in-law ordered the Grilled Chicken Salad that featured feta cheese, orange segments, and almonds. I asked her how it was and she said amazing. That means a lot coming from this woman who lives in Cameroon where all the fruits and veggies are fresh! My husband got an Oolong lady which he described as “good, smooth, and sweet and sour, refreshing with a good amount of alcohol.”

Urban Dining in Calgary – Briggs Kitchen & Bar - Ground Chuck Burger


  • During the course of the meal my daughter was accommodated. We got lots of extra napkins and the waitress helped to fill up her sippy cup with orange juice. There were also lots of highchairs to go around. Most people don’t notice this, but when you are a parent you do.
  • I was slightly disappointed that their latte machine was broken that night, but those things happen. It was also a bit loud, so if you are looking to have a deep, meaningful, romantic conversation this restaurant may not be for you.
  • They had a bar where they had football (soccer) playing on their big screen televisions.
  • The washrooms were clean. I didn’t notice a baby change table, but there could have been one in the handicap stall.
  • Our bill came to $167.00 (including a 20%+ tip). This fed five adults and one child.

Final Words

I would recommend this restaurant to both my childless friends and parent friends. This is a really cool place to have a night out with the girls or the guys. It is also the perfect place for parents to go out for lunch or dinner with their children. Briggs is a restaurant that serves great food with an awesome clean atmosphere. This is refreshing because I personally do not enjoy going to family chain restaurants where the food leaves much to be desired and the atmosphere is chaotic. The food is amazing! For all those who care about portion size (I am one), this place will leave you feeling full and satisfied. Overall, I give Briggs Kitchen and Bar a 9.5/10


  • Friendly, Accommodating Staff
  • Cool, Thoughtful Décor
  • Food is brought to the table quickly
  • Well-seasoned food
  • Great Atmosphere
  • Well Priced

Urban Dining in Calgary – Briggs Kitchen & Bar - Review

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