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I wanted to make Day 10 count! Since day 9 was a COMPLETE disappointment!

This day was all about the sights and tourist places. On the itinerary was the following

  • The Fishmarket
  • Ginza ( I loved the show Atiller on Netflix – don’t make fun of me for this)
  • Michelin Star dining
  • Shibuya crossing
  • Harajuku

It seems like a lot, but when you have nothing else to do but live your best life it isn’t too hard to accomplish it all haha!

Tokyo Fish Market

Peter was all about the fish market scene. I am allergic, but I decided to tag along because I wasn’t interested in roaming the city alone. The Tokyo fish market is a “Sprawling wholesale fish market with an array of seafood & viewing areas for a popular tuna auction.”

There were lots of weird things for sale and Peter tried a few of them. I will get Peter to comment on the food experience when I get around to it!

Tokyo Fish Market Photos

It was a busy market and there were lots of cool places to take photos. Sorry, I can’t offer more insight into this place. I mean I didn’t truly experience all it had to offer.

Can we talk about this dress for a second? It is such a perfect travel piece. It is made from Japanese cotton but it was made in Canada by Twiss and Weber. It is light and colourful. It can easily be layered with a pair of pants and dressed up or down.

Ginza District

The only reason I wanted to go to this place is because I was obsessed with this show called Atelier. Atelier is a show about “a fabric-obsessed country girl named Mayuko starts a job at Emotion, a haute couture underwear shop in Tokyo’s upscale Ginza neighborhood.” This show was in Japanese with English subtitles and I just loved the idea of a high-end maker in the heart of the city who obsessed about the details and a young girl trying to learn about it all.

Weird? Yes. Don’t judge me!

Anyhow, they always had shots of the Seiko Tower and I wanted to see it for myself. So there you have it, the only reason I went to Ginza 🙂

Toritsune Shizendo a.k.a The chicken and egg restaurant in Tokyo

Michelin Star Dining!

Alright, I am all about chicken, eggs, and rice. I could live off of those three items for the rest of my life. When we discovered this place I was all over it! A Michelin star restaurant that only serves chicken based dishes?! Sign me up baby!

I think we go to this place around lunch. There was no line, but also no English menu. I think that is why it wasn’t busy. Only locals seemed to attend this spot. Fine by me!

We asked what the most popular dish was and got that. It was soooo tasty. I could be saying that because the dish contained all the juiciest parts of the chicken and a semi-cooked runny egg (yuuuuum). I love runny eggs.

The photos don’t do this dish justice, so if you are ever in Tokyo PLEASE check this place out.

The restaurant is run by a family and the attention to detail is astonishing and the and use of fresh ingredients is refreshing (compared to N. American dining).

There are only 40 seats and we had to share our table with some randoms. It was a cool experience and one I would do again!

Shibuya Crossing

Another must see in Tokyo. I got some bomb ass photos of the place. I tried a long exposure shot to get the movement of the people and was really happy with out it turned out. Shout out to Peter for staying really still for the test shots and taking like 25 photos of me until he got it right XD.

Crossing Videos


Omg! I love this place. The shopping was amazing. We were here for Vouge’s Fashion night out and I loved everything about the way people dress here. I have to say that people in Japan overall dress well, but are boring. The style for women is typically a flowy skirt with a tucked in long sleeve top and accessories. Not to say that it isn’t nice but it is pretty uniform. You basically see the same items in all the stores I will elaborate on this in another blog post!

For now, all you need to know is that there are some cool people in this area like this girl below!

Overall, this was a good day that checked off all the tourist boxes.