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Market Collective is one of (if not) the best independent markets in the City of Calgary.

I’ll tell you why. This market brings together everything that this city craves and needs: art installations, local music, great food, and local artists. There is something for everyone at this market. You can bring your children and have a great time or bring out your dad and he will probably enjoy himself.

You have shopping, live music, a rad photo-booth, and gluten-free, dairy-free-, vegan friendly food under one roof in a central location. Honestly, what more could you ask for?

things-to-do-in-calgary-market-collective-live-music-fashion-local-shopping (4) things-to-do-in-calgary-market-collective-live-music-fashion-local-shopping (3)

*pictures taken from market collectives facebook page*

What I Wore to Market Collective

What you have to understand is that Market Collective is a market that is geared toward younger folks. Yeah, I said folks! At this market you will find an equal mix of hipsters, hippies, general scenesters, and people who don’t care what you think of them (artists). They are all lovely people who are a pleasure to be around, but you will stick out like a sore meat-eating thumb if you wear dress pants and a button up shirt.

things-to-do-in-calgary-market-collective-live-music-fashion-local-shopping (2)

That is why I decided to wear something vintage paired with a “trendy” crop top. I got the skirt from Joyce’s Closet. It is a lovely high-waist midi-skirt with a bold blue plaid print. Joyce said she immediately thought of me when getting this skirt in. She was right. I was totally drawn to it! It felt so British to me. And while I would never identify with the British or with British fashion, I have to admit I do own a lot of “British” style pieces in my wardrobe.

Calgary fashion Calgary fashionCalgary fashion

At first I tried this skirt with a normal black top with sleeves (only because I had  misplaced my crop top somewhere in the laundry room) , but it made it look too frumpy. Earlier, Joyce had mentioned that it would look great with a crop top and I totally agreed. I spent the next 20 minutes searching my home for said crop top and emerged victorious!

I finally decided to wear brown African print shoes and keep the jewelry to a minimum. Now that I think about it, I would have like to stack more bracelets, but whatever. Next time.

Inside Calgary’s Market Collective

All of the best things in life are made for and sold at Market Collective. It is pretty busy on Friday nights after work and then Steady from 11-3pm on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want the best selection come early.

things-to-do-in-calgary-market-collective-live-music-fashion-local-shopping (1)market-collective-alora-recycled-brass-recycled-glass-jewelry-handmade-boho-necklaces-earrings-baskets (4)

market-collective-alora-recycled-brass-recycled-glass-jewelry-handmade-boho-necklaces-earrings-baskets (5) market-collective-alora-recycled-brass-recycled-glass-jewelry-handmade-boho-necklaces-earrings-baskets (6)

Everyone is super friendly, but I am going to complain and say that the coffee, while good, is just not enough. If you NEED coffee I suggest you come with your own. The only option you have is a small cup of coffee for $4.00. Ummmm 4 bucks for a super small (like Tim’s extra small (could be smaller)) cup. Hellz no. That is highway robbery! Other than that all the food and drink is excellent. Oh! Did I mention that they have Village Brewery beer on sight? You can walk around the market with a beer in hand if you like. How amazing is that?!

You can take your photo in the photo-booth and have it printed for $5.00. Many people go to Market Collective every year to have their Christmas pictures done. This year the theme was space whales. Yes, space whales. Who ever came up with it was either crazy, awesome, or both. I choose both.

Anyway, there is one more weekend of Market Collective and I will be there! Will you?