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I try to take a “me” day once a week. This past “me” day I decided to take a trip to Bombay Beauty Loft to get my eye brows done!

Why Eyebrows Are Important to Your Overall Look

I was in dire need of getting getting my brows done.  I had been plucking, but nothing compares to having your brows professionally shaped. Here are the major reasons that your eyebrows are important to have done.

  1. Your eyebrows frame your face
  2. You look polished even without makeup on
  3. Well shaped brows highlight your eyes
  4. Your face looks brighter when your brows are shaped correctly


Ways/ Techniques Used to Shape Brows

  1. Plucking Your Eyebrows

    • I recommend plucking to maintain your eyebrow shape at home. This is a simple, easy way to keep up your salon shape.
    • Pros: You can do this at home. Cheap, easy way to shape your brows
    • Cons: It is easy to over do it. Make sure you pluck a couple hairs at a time and stand back to assess your work.
  2. Waxing Your Eyebrows

    • Waxing is best left to the professionals. I personally don’t think this is the best way to get rid of brows, but of course there are pros and cons
    • Pros: You can get perfectly defined eyebrows with waxing
    • Cons: the skin around the eyes is sensitive and waxing can unnecessarily stretch, pull and even tear the skin. It is also super easy to over do it on the waxing if you do it yourself.
  3. Threading Your Eyebrows

    • Threading is an ancient technique that utilizes a cotton thread to pull the hairs row by row fro the follicle.
    • Pros: Unlike waxing it does not pull the skin or remove the upper layer of skin. You can get perfectly defined brows with threading.
    • Cons: You have to have a professional to thread your brows for you.


Where to get your Eyebrows done In Calgary

I decided to get my brows threaded by Kada in Bombay Beauty loft (4 14 Street Northwest #109, Calgary). I attended their first birthday a few weeks earlier and was super impressed by their decor and customer service. I highly recommend this place to get your eyebrows threaded. They also have an extensive beauty menu that you can pick and choose from.

Honestly, if you haven’t tried threading book an appointment with Kada and you will not be disappointed.

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