March 20, 2016 Jameela 2Comment

I usually reserve Sundays for activities with my first daughter, but today was the first day of spring, and I decided that my husband and baby could tag along!

Volunteering at GrowCalgary

The plan was for us to go to GrowCalgary to volunteer. Grow Calgary is an organization that grows fresh food for organizations like the Calgary Food Bank. Grow Calgary believes that all Calgarians should have access to fresh produce. I agree! All those who want to eat fresh produce should be able to regardless of income or class. I also thought that this adventure could be an opportunity to teach my daughter the importance of volunteering and giving back. Not only that, but she could learn that food is grown and doesn’t magically show up in the grocery store.

family-volunteering-at-grow-calgary (1280x851)

volunteering-in-cagary-family-activities-grow-calgary- (1280x851)

At the Farm

When we got to the farm there was a friendly lady who greeted us. I asked her name, but forgot it!  It was mentioned that GrowCalgary needed volunteers to help grow seeds to seedlings. My daughter was super excited to take some plants home so we decided to plant squash.

grow-calgary-volunteering (1) (1280x851)

planting-seeds-for-grow-calgary (2) (1280x851)planting-seeds-for-grow-calgary (1) (1280x851)

Exploring the Farm

After we picked our buckets and our seeds, Amani decided to explore the farm with her daddy! I took a picture of them on the golf cart and retreated to the car with the baby to keep toasty and

Hopefully, our seeds germinate and we can bring a few things back to GrowCalgary! I will probably be asking my mom for some help since she is an expert gardener. If we do a good job of indoor gardening then I will post about it. If not, then you won’t hear from me about this food growing adventure again!

You can visit GrowCalgary by clicking on the photo below.

grow-calgary-information (1280x851)

We ended the day with a trip to Village Ice Cream and a super awesome taco and plantain dinner.


sunday-dinner-plantain-tacos-coleslaw (1)

I would say this was the best Sunday of the year! How was your first day of spring?