May 6, 2015 Jameela 4Comment

It’s late and I don’t have a lot of time for deep insight, but I have to say that I am so shocked that the New Democratic Party (NDP) won a majority in Alberta.

For those of you who do not live in Alberta let me explain something. For the past 44 years we have had a conservative government called the Progressive Conservative Party (PC Party). It has been a government that many believe was fraught with cronyism and was a  general oil and gas a** kissing party. You can’t really blame them since power corrupts most people and most parties.

In the past few elections there has never really been an alternative party that Albertans have been in favour of voting for. This election was a bit different.

Why the PC Party Lost in Alberta

Mainly people were upset (pissed off)

Albertans were

  • angry, displeased, and as my mother would say vexed about spending scandals in the last government.
  • unimpressed with the crossing of the floor by WildRose (a more conservative party) members to the PC Party. The fact that Jim Prentice (the PC Party Leader and Premier) and Danielle Smith (the former leader of the WildRose) didn’t even try to court constituents was annoying.
  • uninspired by the budget the Jim Prentice laid out
  • perplexed by Jim Prentice laying the blame on them for the economy
  • tired of lies and arrogance of the party in addition to the sense of entitlement that they perceived.

Overall the people in Alberta wanted to send a message to the PC party and they did it by voting NDP


Why the NDP Won in Alberta

  • Rachel Notley (our new premier and leader of the NDP) ran an error free campaign. She came out strong and finished strong. She did very well in the leaders debate and that convinced many people in my province that she was adequate for the job.
  • The NDP were good at getting the vote out. Many young people voted in this election and that was a catalyst for change.
  • People simply wanted change. The NDP offered the best break away from the PC party.

What I think

I am honestly shocked. In a good way. I thought that the best we could hope for was a minority NDP government.

I am shocked and truly pleased that the PC party was decimated. Not because I think that they have terrible policy, but because I think that a well trained monkey could have done just as well leading Alberta for the past 4 years. It doesn’t take a particularly smart person or good policy to run Alberta in the good times. Even tough the people in the province would like to believe that we are fiscally conservative the simple truth is that Alberta has spent more per capita then any other province. This didn’t start yesterday. It started years ago under the PC party. The same old excessive spending would have continued with the PC Party. I would have bet my hat on that.

someone spent the money

My Tax Issue

It is in the tough times that  we need to either make more or spend less.  It is simple. The fact is that when the NDP has formed a government (in Canada) they have balanced the budget 50% of the time. That is in comparison to the 37% the Conservatives have.

I am totally fine with a 2% increase for corporate taxes (proposed by the NDP). For heavens sake, it will still be one of the lowest in the country. The increase will mostly likely be passed on to consumers anyway.

What is more is that corporations need to shoulder the tax burden. If they don’t the burden gets shifted onto you and I. Plus, corporations benefit from public services like education and health care. I haven’t heard any CEO complain about how well educated and healthy their workforce is. Every entity, human and fictional, must shoulder the tax burden.

Also, the PC party wanted to increase taxes on everyone for health care and raise income taxes for certain people in the province. What is more insulting is that he didn’t want to increase corporate taxes. Please. As if that is any better than the NDP.

I think people were mad

There was a sense of vengeance throughout the land. I honestly believe that the NDP could have run a chicken for a candidate and it would have won. People were simply pissed off.

pc againast


Is this the best choice of government? I’m not entirely convinced. I think that they will do their best. I also think that the Alberta NDP isn’t nearly as left wing as other provincial parties. This is a good thing for the energy sector. I think that the NDP want to get elected again, so they will work with the petrified conservatives and business leaders (who I would like to mention said if the NDP won they would probably stop donating to charities…. Fear-mongers).

Overall, this is a positive change for Alberta. 

If the NDP don’t do a good job they can expect to be gone in the next election.