May 24, 2015 Jameela 1Comment

I am elated that great weather has finally touched down in my city! It was 23 degrees the other day, so I decided to bust out the open toe strappy wedge heels and black and white floral crop top.

Summer Style

I wore this outfit to hangout on 17th ave and sip coffee on a park bench. I recently started to enjoy Cafe Beano. They have the best Americanos I have had in a while. I sat soaking up the sun for about and hour and enjoyed people watching.

calgary-fashion-style-blogger-blac-girls-curly-hair-handmade-jewelry (2)

I then wore this outfit  to transition to The JAM. The JAM is a much needed event in Calgary. It brings together musicians that can play together. Singers, guitarists, sax players, and drummers show up and are encouraged to “jam” together. Anyone who comes can preform. I am no musician, but I appreciate live music and the spontaneity of The JAM.

calgary-fashion-style-blogger-blac-girls-curly-hair-handmade-jewelry (4)

Jazzing it Up with Jewelry

Even though I mixed prints with the skirt and top, I felt that the outfit was lacking. Because of that I added a simple necklace, some rad triangular brass earrings and colourful stacking bracelets.natural-curly-hair-black-girl-calgary-blogger-sitting-on-bench (1) natural-curly-hair-black-girl-calgary-blogger-sitting-on-bench (2)

Strappy Heels

I bought these shoes on sale from Target when they were going out of business. I bought them in black and white because they are the perfect spring/summer shoes. They are easy to walk in and make me almost four inches taller!strappy-black-and-natural-wedge-heels-summer-style calgary-fashion-style-blogger-blac-girls-curly-hair-handmade-jewelry (5) calgary-summer-womens-style-fashion-blogger-canada street-style-calgary-mommy-blogger-canada-maternity


It’s time to bring out my skirts and dresses, so I hope this weather is here to stay!