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Best Hair Styles for Your Toddler

As requested, I am writing a post about styling your little girl’s hair!
My daughter has a new hair style every week. She has beautiful thick, dark, long, Type 4 B hair. It is pretty easy to work with, but high-maintenance. She needs to wear protective hairstyles because of her hair type; however, I prefer these types of hairstyles because doing her hair everyday would be a complete waste of time and effort. Who has time to style their child’s hair everyday?

Here are a few of my daughter’s favourite hair styles

Single Twists or Braids + Natural Hair

This hair style is perfect for hair types from 3B to 4C. It is so simple, that I can do it! FYI: My mom is the better hair stylist between the two of us. Anyway, twists are super easy to do. Look below for a video tutorial. Once I finish twists in my daughter’s hair I put little elastics at the end and tie them all together.

black-toddler-natural-hair-styles-braids-twists (1)

If your daughter has looser curls I suggest hair elastics! This hairstyle can last a week or two depending on how active your child is. My daughter is VERY active, so we have to restyle once a week.  black-toddler-natural-hair-styles-braids-twists (2)

The best part about this style is when you take it out, your daughter will have the most lovely curls you can imagine. black-toddler-natural-hair-styles-braids-twists (3)


Bumps is just the next step after twists or single braids. All you have to do is curl the braid on itself and tuck in the end. If you have type 4 hair, you don’t need any elastics. We use elastics anyway because then we can add pretty colours or beads. My mom made hair elastics for my daughter using Ghanaian beads typically found in on our jewelry.

natural-hair-style-little-black-girl-bumps (1) natural-hair-style-little-black-girl-bumps (2)

This style lasts quite a while and keeps very well.


Cornrows are so classic! Probably the best protective style on the earth. I personally don’t know how to cornrow, but my mom does a great job! If you or your toddler has Type 3 hair or lower, cornrows probably won’t last very long; however, you can help make them last longer by using elastics and a little bit of non-drying gel.

natural-hair-styles-black-toddlers-cornrow-ponytail (2)natural-hair-styles-black-toddlers-cornrow-ponytail (3)natural-hair-styles-black-toddlers-cornrow-ponytail (1)

Jameela, What is Type 4 B hair?

Each hair type has different curl patterns. Usually, the higher your hair type the more coils your hair has. Type 4 hair is usually more dense than other hair types. That is what gives it volume!

4c hair example
4c Hair
4b hair example
4b Hair
4ahair example
4a Hair

Type 3 hair is a little looser than type 4 hair. The curls range from bouncy ringlets to resembling tight corkscrew curls.

3c hair example
3C hair
3b hair example
3B Hair

Photos care of Naturally Curly


Twist video tutorial: https://youtu.be/4FLm9ZKtmzs?t=3m38s

I want to try this style. It is perfect for any hair type!: https://youtu.be/qzYwNenknhE

Black Girl, Long Hair


Do you have go-to hairstyles for your toddler? Feel free to share them with me on facebook, instagram, or twitter! Or comment below!