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If I could wear leggings every day I would. However, I have been struggling to find an appropriate shirt to wear with leggings.  I asked my friend who owns Zoharous to create “a top that is long enough to wear with tights” so that I could enjoy the freedom of stretchy bottoms on a regular basis. Why did I ask for a custom top? Well, let me explain by giving you some rules on…

How To Wear Leggings in Canada

This is an outfit I wore last Saturday {You can read about where I wore it here}. It was hella cold as you probably inferred from the snow on the ground.

what-to-wear-on-the-weekend-with-kids-warm-clothing-style-for-less (3)

Rule# 1: Leggings are Not Pants

Many people will tell you that leggings cannot be substituted as pants. I totally disagree. {I think if you have a nice enough body (don’t preach to me about body shaming), you can definitely wear leggings as pants!} My only issue is the unfortunate outline of one’s private region in leggings. Imagine if men wore leggings as pants… Can you visualize my problem? I think that those things are best left to the imagination in the public space. If you can find a pair thick enough to smooth over the lines I say go for it.

custom-african-clothing-in-calgary-canada (7)

Rule #2 Wear a Long/Over sized Top

For those who are not comfortable with the shape of their behinds being displayed to the general public consider wearing leggings with a long top. A good rule to follow is to wear a top that, at the very least, covers your underwear line.

custom-african-clothing-in-calgary-canada (5)

Rule #3: Layer

I am a huge fan of layering. Nothing looks better than a well thought out outfit that incorporates different texture and cascading hemlines. When layering with leggings try wearing a blanket-sized scarf or a cozy sweater or cape. Play around with different lengths, textures, and colours to see what you like best!

custom-african-clothing-in-calgary-canada (6)

Rule #4: Opt For Boots Rather Than Flats

I’m not going to lie, I break this rule all the time. Sometimes I get lazy and throw on flats because I can’t be bothered to find a matching pair of socks. I usually regret this decision. The best item to wear with leggings are chic moto boots or over the knee boots. Wearing flats and having your bare ankles show really breaks up the silhouette of your legs. This can make your legs look shorter. No one wants to look like they have short legs!

what-to-wear-on-the-weekend-with-kids-warm-clothing-style-for-less (2)

Rule #5: Wear what makes you feel good!

Don’t let anyone (including me) tell you what to wear. As long as you look good, who cares? Rules are meant to be broken.what-to-wear-on-the-weekend-with-kids-warm-clothing-style-for-less (1)

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