July 17, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

My love for Emeli Sande’s vocals and intense lyrics has been a long standing love. Emeli Sande is a British singer who has created and released excellent and classic music.

My Kind Of Love – Emeli Sande

I have posted one of her songs before and this one (My Kind of Love) continues to be one of my favourite. My Kind of Love is touching, heart-warming, and beautifully written. It is amazing the pain and emotion you can feel through the meaningful lyrics. Not only is My Kind of Love powerful and emotionally charged classic, but the lyrics have the ability to deeply move you.

‘Cause when you given up
When no matter what you do, it’s never good enough
When you never thought that it could ever get this tough
That’s when you feel my kind of love
And when you’re crying out
When you fall and then can’t pick
You’re heavy on the ground
When the friends you thought you had haven’t stuck around
That’s when you feel my kind of love