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If you are following me on Snapchat (jamsthebest), then you know that not too long ago I got some socks in the mail to review. I got one pair for me and one for my husband. Let me tell you, I was super excited to get these in the mail. I LOVE socks. I always get many, many pairs of socks for Christmas. Unfortunately, I have about 5 matching pairs in my drawer. If you want to ask me how that is possible, don’t. I have no explanation. My socks get lost. I lose my socks so often that sometimes I steal my mom’s socks. My sister also falls victim to my thievery. It has gotten so bad that they hide their socks from me. That’s my life :p.

Needless to say, I was quite pleased when I got these in the mail from Kimchi socks.

Sorry Amani, I was wrong too. They are dapper men, not birds.


What I Love

I love the pattern of the socks and the quality (they are a great cotton blend) . There is nothing better than a fun pair of socks. It is really hard to find cool men’s socks in Calgary, so it is nice to be able to shop in your underwear for your husband’s socks. I say it is hard to find socks because there are two locally owned stores I have come across that sell decent, fun men’s socks. You know I like to buy local when I can.

We women have lots of choice in the store, but to be honest, I don’t go shopping specifically for socks. I like to receive them as gifts. That is why I like Kimchi socks. They make it easy to send socks as gifts (hint, hint mom).  stylish-korean-socks-in-canada-and-calgary-men-women

I also love that these socks are made in Korea! The only thing I “own” that is Korean is my car. It isn’t all that easy to purchase and enjoy the designs and creations of Asian countries. Most of them are not marketing to Canadian English speakers, and I am not all that interested in navigating a shop page using Google Translate. Countries like Korea and Japan have a certain style and aesthetic that is basically copied by designers here. Yeah, I said it. To get products from the source via English speaking intermediary is so cool!

The owner, Jason <3, is really cool. He is stationed in Korea with the military. Remember when I said I don’t know anyone in the military? Well, now I do! Weird how that happens.

IMG_6639_the_face_of_kimchi_edited_final (1)

The Korean Socks!

On Friday evening, Peter and I went on a date, and because it was warm, I said we had to wear our socks and take pictures! The sun was setting pretty quickly by the time we got around to photographing, so my white balance (making whites appear white) was messed up. It doesn’t take away from the fact that these socks looked and felt really good.stylish-korean-socks-in-canada-and-calgary-men-women (1)

stylish-korean-socks-in-canada-and-calgary-men-women (4) stylish-korean-socks-in-canada-and-calgary-men-women (3) stylish-korean-socks-in-canada-and-calgary-men-women (2)DSC_0181 (1280x851)DSC_0182 (1280x851)

Us and our stylish, Korean socks. It was perfect lol. I’ll tell you what we did for our date in the next post. Just a heads up, I was really feeling my outfit.

Peter was wearing Mr. Dapper Socks and I was wearing Sailor Stripes Socks. These socks are already pretty affordable, but you can get a discount on your purchase by using the code “JGKimchi” upon checkout. Shop here: kimchisocks.com