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You all know how much I love finding new companies and products on Instagram. It is pretty sad the amount of time I spend on there. After a lot of scrolling through interesting hashtags, I came across The Envirobagz! Ever since becoming a real adult, I have had to do the grocery shopping.

Shopping Cart Trolley Bags

I remember after my husband and I bought a house, we had to buy food, real food. We weren’t students anymore and my mom wasn’t feeding us :'( . I remember walking into the store and thinking

This sucks

Buying your own groceries is a total drag: walking up and down the aisles looking for them, standing in line, paying for them. Snore! When I came across The Envirobagz, I was like “if it makes the shopping experience better, I want it!”


Shopping Cart/Trolley Bags

Envirobagz are a system of reusable bags that fit into shopping carts to help organize while packing your groceries after the checkout.  They also make carrying a cart full of groceries much easier on the hands as you complete your typical shopping routine.reusable-shopping-bags-made-in-canada-easy-to-use-2

They are so great because they fit right over your shopping cart and hold SO MUCH product. I usually struggle to fit everything into my hodgepodge of reusable bags, but this grocery shopping trip, I had so much room to spare.


Reusable shopping bag solution

These days, everyone is going green (more on this in another post). Plastic bags are a nuisance and obviously not easily compostable. I always feel bad when I use or throw away too many plastic bags. The right thing to do as a consumer is to use reusable bags, which I do.easy-grocery-shopping-bags-durable

However, I want to make the point that I ALSO use reusable bags because I don’t believe in paying 5 cents for a plastic bag when they USED TO BE FREE! It makes me mad because I KNOW the grocery chains who charge for bags don’t care about the environment. They are probably like “hmmm this is an additional revenue stream, and it makes us look eco-friendly.” Those bags cost them $0.0013 of a cent each. The smaller grocery stores like Co-op or this one organic grocery store I went to in Victoria don’t charge for bags. I suspect it is because they actually have environmentally friendly practices internally. End Rant.


But also these bags are better because then you don’t have to look like a fool trying to open your plastic bag at checkout. First world problems!


Why Envirobagz are the Bomb!

  • The ladies who design them are based in Canada. Yay for shopping from Canadian businesses.
  • The blue bag is insulated. Yeah! Insulated! This is perfect for keeping milk, cheese, and yogurt cold in the summer and fresh bread warm in the harsh, winters. This is super helpful if you have other stops to make in between shopping and home.
  • These bags fit EVERYTHING! Household cleaning items, diapers, veggies, meat. It is super easy to organize everything by category with these bags.
  • Envirobagz are machine washable! Enough said.

Seriously, if you are a grocery shopping hater, buy these bags. They are so helpful in the drag that is feeding yourself.

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