July 14, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

These days it seems like you can’t say anything without someone telling you that you are a “hater”. Please!

  1. The word “hater” is so overused.
  2. More often than not people call someone else a hater as a way to avoid (sometimes constructive) criticism.
  3. Hate is such a strong word. How can you truly, legitimately hate someone that you disagree with?

Here is an example:

Girl 1: What did you think about my essay on bonsai cats?

Girl 2: I didn’t really think that you used enough facts in your essay to support your claim. Maybe you should rethink your position.

Girl 1 to Girl 3: OMG!! Girl 2 is SUCH a HATER!

Obviously this is not a normal conversation, but I hope you get my gist. Girl 2 is NOT hating. If she was she would be attacking Girl 1’s character or bringing up something extraneous.

Seriously, not everyone cares enough to “hate” on you. Not everyone is out to ruin your good name. Sometimes people are just trying to tell you the truth. Sometimes they are trying to help you.

Let me tell you a personal example. I was out with a friend and it was getting really hot. I asked her how my outfit looked without the jacket. She told me it looked better on. I could have easily labelled her a hater. Perhaps, she was jealous of my shirt or didn’t want me to look better than her. OR, MAYBE the outfit looked better with the jacket on. I am sure the latter was true.

Here is a definition from Urban dictionary:

A person that develops a strong dislike for another, solely basing their own opinion on personal judgment rather than objective merit. The formation of a hater’s contempt commonly arises from jealousy and/or resentment. Individuals that make fun of, or “hate,” others for justified reasons cannot be legitimately classified as “haters”…

If someone is criticizing your work or staying within the scope of the argument and bringing up relevant facts this person is NOT a hater.

Of course, there are instances where a person is clearly pointing out your flaws to bring you down a notch. If that is the case feel free to use the word hater. Just use the word wisely.