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In this dry, horrid Canadian winter the most important thing black girls across the country are thinking of is how to protect their hair form the harsh weather. That is why you will see me rocking protective hairstyles.

What are protective hairstyles?

Protective hair styles are any hairstyle that promotes growth and doesn’t require any heat. Typically, the ends of your hair are unexposed. Braids and twists are classic protective hair styles!

I was kind of over the braids I had so I decided to go back to partially braided curly hair. I knew I would have to get some new beauty supplies because my haul from when I went to Ghana last year was running low.

Black Hair Stores in Calgary

These days I go to NYLA Beauty Supply on 9th ave SW to get my hair products. The owner and staff are really nice people and quite helpful. I went in for braid spray and was recommended something awesome (more on the braid spray below). Also, when I picked up a black sleeping cap for my daughter I lost the receipt. I had to return it because she insisted on having a pink one like the little girl on the packaging. I really should have known better. Anyway, they didn’t give me any hassle about returning it!

Back to my braid spray. I picked up African Pride Braid Spray and it is excellent for moisturizing my scalp and hair. The only better braid spray I have ever had was one that I bought in Ghana.



This is my new hair style that is 100% maintained by my new braid spray. Yeah, I made a video.

curly-braids-natural-hair-pretective-style (1024x681)

This is a poem my friend Uma posted on her Instagram (@umizzles). I loved it and asked her to post it here on my blog. I just needed a hair post to share it on. Enjoy.