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My Bother’s Friend Took His Life

Last summer, my family and I lost someone to suicide. The person we lost was my brother’s best friend. We had known him for years. He and my brother went to elementary school together and they continued to be integral parts in each other’s lives. They were best friends.

Some nights I stay awake and wonder why. I wonder how his mother feels. As a mother, I wonder if it would have been possible to erase the immense pain he must have felt in the moments before he decided to take his own life. He was only 18.

In my endless google research and facebook creeping after the fact, I came across Theresia. Theresia created a journal to help prevent childhood depression and suicide.

In the wake of events like the passing of our family friend, I think we are always looking at prevention. I believe that if one life can be saved by suicide prevention, then it can help the individual and the many, many other people who would be affected by their death.

Searching for an Answer

Me: What prompted you to create a journal for teens to prevent childhood depression and suicide?

Theresia: A boy’s suicide prompted my production of the 30-days’ love journey.

The little boy experienced various grievances at school, of which the burden was determined in his letter. I’ve experienced similar things in my life. I was always shy and had few friends.

I liked to learn, read, and take interest in things in which other people did not.

They said that I was eccentric and lived in a fantasy world.

The children in my community mocked me as an outcast.

It wounded my self-confidence and self-esteem. My parents divorced when I was in high school and I was raped, which heightened my depression.

Due to my virtually nonexistent self-esteem I thought about suicide.

Random or not (I do not believe in coincidences) I saw a poster in the school which read:

Indian philosophy course soon to start.

I signed up and took part in the training. The instructor once told me:

‘Write it down, do not drown!’

From that day I kept a diary, which helped me through the difficult time.


The little boy’s case deeply touched me. What’s wrong with the world where a child will do such things?

What’s wrong with the world where a child will consider suicide?

I ask for help in meditation. Questions came as the answer.

The self-love and self-assessment questions are directed to my attention.

This is how the 30-days’ love journey was born.

‘Write it down, do not drown!’

Me: What evidence is there to suggest that keeping a journal like this helps?  

When you write your thoughts in a journal, you’ll experience emotional relief because you let those thoughts that poisoned your mind out of your body.

During the 30-day program, one can come across angelic messages and issues.

The angelic messages provoke connectivity with yourself. That promotes self-awareness.

The issue is further supported, detoured to daily life, the positive side of your attention. The Law of Attraction states that you’ll get what you direct your attention to.

That is, the answers to the questions which appear in the journal, such as bank deposits.

The diary of self bank and whatever you put there multiply.


For example, angelic post:

Angelic post:

“Every day has love, beauty, and wonders.”

What does this mean for you? What do you feel? What thoughts come to mind about it?

Writing prompts: what pleasant moments did you experience today? What caused joy today? What began whirling in your mind? Keep your focus on the positive things.

What pleasant moments did you experience today?

What caused joy today?

What began whirling in your mind? Keep your focus on the positive things.

Theresia’s Writing Space

Success Story

Two weeks ago a mother called me.

She said that she had a 14 years-old daughter who suffered from depression.

She did not want to talk, nor eat.

I visited the girl. We talked for a few minutes. I gave her a journal and a mountain crystal.

The crystal was not planned, but I felt that it could help.

I told her that a happiness fairy lived in the crystal who would help her be happy.


Yesterday the mother called again. Her daughter took off her black clothes and told jokes during lunch.

She said that she did not want to start a journal, but there was a thought that touched her.

She opened the book and stood in front of it, thinking about it a lot.

This was the reason why she started.


Children have secrets. They do not always dare to speak their thoughts, perhaps fearing that adults will not understand or will mock them.

The journal is a quiet friend who will listen, never betray, and will reveal hidden treasures to ourselves.


About Theresia’s Business

Me: How do you balance life and running a business?

I owe my life to balance in the business of meditation.

The relaxing periods show new ways and options. I am easily able to remain stable.


Me: What are some of the biggest challenges you face in business and how do you address them?

The biggest challenge in my work are with traditional educational methods and an educational system mainly based on performance. Secondly, that people often confuse spirituality with religion.

When I talk about angels and meditation, many parents are baffled by the subject. 

How do you cope with sadness and depression?

My solution to sadness and depression is the Ho’oponopono exercise. When I feel a clash of the waves above my head, I always remind myself that I am responsible for events in my life.

I do a Ho’oponopono practice every morning and evening.

I sit down for a few minutes and use the mantra:

I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thanks.


What is the best thing you have done to help your business grow?

The best thing that promoted the growth of the business was my book How to Teach the Universal Laws to Children published in the summer.

6 experts contributed their knowledge and I am proud that a little girl has contributed a chapter.

I think that the book has very much contributed to the growth of visibility of my business.

Another great tool for me to learn is intellectual development, thanks to which I can give more efficient service to parents and children.


Additional thoughts – Social Media Platforms

I’ve been working on a Spiritual Parenting Coach training which includes a 30-days’ Love Journey, Law of Attraction Card game, and understanding of the Universal Laws.

It is based on the book How to Teach the Universal Laws to Children, helps in special education, and practices the work of child-raising for parents and intellectual development of children.

The training will be available online and in small group sessions. You can get information about it on my website.

I feel that we preserve the body and parenting of our children is not only the physical integrity of the supply task, but also the spiritual / intellectual foundation of well-being and preserving it.

When combined with spiritual principles in everyday parental tasks, not only in the depression and suicide risk reduction, it is a wonderful tool to put into children’s hands.

Find More about Theresia and the 30 Days Love Journey below

Canadian Suicide Statistics and Infographic

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