May 24, 2016 Jameela 0Comment

The first day of Spring my family and I headed out to Grow Calgary to volunteer. We took home a few plants to grow for them. I am happy to announce that most of the plants survived!

It was touch and go for a while. My daughter stepped in the plant pot a couple of times and picked out a few of the seeds. You can see a few heel marks in the picture below (hahahaha). Despite the barrage of assaults from a small child, the plants continued to grow. That’s resilience!

grow-calgary-planting (1)grow-calgary-planting (2)

Look at how these plants are thriving!

indoor-growing-plants-grow-calgary (1)indoor-growing-plants-grow-calgary (2)

It’s probably time to take them back to the farm. I will on the next warm day…if I remember to.