November 6, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

I live in a place where oil and gas employs the greatest amount of people. At the moment, oil prices are falling, but that doesn’t stop the surge toward development and “progress”. In my city you will see a great deal of pickup trucks. Some are actually used for their intended purposes while others are merely show pieces.

On one of my drives to the airport during the summer, I spotted a pickup truck that was perched atop a man-made hill composed of large grey rocks and ashy dirt. Sitting beside it was a piece of heavy equipment that is used to move the earth.

There was something so perfect about this scene. The truck seems so imposing, yet when compared to the scale of construction on the other side of the hill, so insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The yellow heap of metal that is used to claw at the earth seems discarded. Left behind. Useless. The sky is a perfect blue. The grass grows where it can. There are no people to distract you in this scene. Just the machinery and the nature sharing the same frame. For some reason this picture sums up the place I live so perfectly.

pick-up truck alberta oilsands