January 16, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

The other day, my oldest daughter started crying over nothing! When I say nothing, I mean nothing.

Her problem was that her little sister was wearing more pink than her. ?

Tears were streaming down her face because he sister had slightly more pink on her body than she did.

Not only that, but my oldest daughter’s car seat was BLACK and not PINK like her sisters.

I gently reminded her that she used to use that car seat, but I suppose that little tidbit enraged her even more. She also tried to take her sister’s pink scarf off her neck while we were driving.

Was she jealous? Was she bored? We will never know. I didn’t ask. I just laughed at her and the absurd situation.

I mean, that’s all you can do with tantrums like that.

The girls not fighting ^^^