February 3, 2015 Jameela 1Comment

My Saturday was destined for laziness — or so I thought.

Last Saturday started at 8 AM with “Creative Dance” class for my daughter. I am not actually sure what the mini people do in class. Why? The instructor kicks out the parents so the children can “focus on their craft”. Since I don’t have to be around for the class, I figured this leggings and top combo was an appropriate outfit to wear while I hang around at Tim Horton’s for 50 minutes. {Check out my tips on how to wear leggings here}what-to-wear-on-the-weekend-with-kids-warm-clothing-style-for-less (4)

While I was sipping on my coffee, my mom called me up and told me there was a baby shower at 10:30 AM. She instructed me to pick her up so we could go together. Yes, Mom. I guess you never stop taking orders form your mother.

its a boy baby shower

I desperately wanted to continue in Mom Mode and stay in my comfortable leggings for the rest of the day. When I remembered I had a Sister2Sister meeting to attend at 2PM I thought “forget it, I’m going to wear this out.” The topic was about self care. Wearing comfortable clothing is self care. Right?