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Oh You #Schmancy?

I saw a dress on Pinterest and I was convinced it would be perfect for Schmancy. I figured it was the perfect mix of sexy, fun, and elegant. In order to replicate this dress in my own image I went to the market in Accra and picked out a batik Adinkra stamped red cloth. Red is one of my favourite colours to wear. Mostly because it draws attention. At Schmancy you need a show stopping, attention getting outfit.

pintrest-dress The dress is two parts. One part sexy short strapless dress, one part large skirt. The skirt is detachable. This makes it easy for me to wear the dress to other occasions. There aren’t many places one can wear a long red dress.

Photo Care of Aldona Photography

How to Accessorize a Gala Type Dress

I added recycled brass jewelry to draw attention to my face. I made my necklace, earrings, and the majority of my bracelets (whatever bracelets I didn’t make my mom made). I wanted to stay away from the default black pump, so I chose to wear gold shoes. I had to bring my structured black bag since it was the only thing big enough and decent looking enough to carry my camera in.

#Schmancy Make up

Due to the nature of the event, I felt compelled to wear make up to Schmancy. I thought that the wearing make-up would enhance my overall look. I think I have pretty awesome lips, so I made them the focus. I used Avon lip liner (my sister used to work for Avon, so I scored some pretty good deals) and piled on the red. My lip color is actually a mix of three different lipsticks and some boss lip gloss. The red lipstick came in handy to hide the red wine stain on my lips. With an open bar, one could over indulge easily!


What to Expect at Schmancy

Personally, I got to meet a lot of new and interesting people. I usually take a lot of pictures, but I was having too much fun.

At Schmancy you can expect an open bar, tasty food, candy stations, live entertainment, and a balling dance floor. I have never seen so many middle-aged people dancing in one place and having a great time!

You can also expect to see Canadian celebrities and local fancy pants alike.

jessi-cruickshank-at-schmancy-with-jameela-ghann-glenbow-calgary (1)
Me with Jessi Cruickshank

You can also expect Schmancy entertainment to be ‘on point’. The whole night is like a carnival/costume party/circ de sole mash-up. With intriguing entertainment on every floor there is lots to keep you busy.

body-painting-at-schmancy-what-to-expect costumes-at-schmancy-in-calgary-for-glenbow (1) costumes-at-schmancy-in-calgary-for-glenbow (2)schmancy-at-the-glenbow-museum-in-calgary-power-party-entertainment (1)schmancy-at-the-glenbow-museum-in-calgary-power-party-entertainment (4) schmancy-at-the-glenbow-museum-in-calgary-power-party-entertainment (5)

I loved everything about these costumes so I took many pictures!

schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (1)schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (3)schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (5) schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (7) schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (8)schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (10) schmancy-entertainment-at-the-telus-convention-centre-calgary (11)top-hats-at-schmancy (2)

I’ll for sure be there next year!schmancy-poster

Schmancy is a fundraising event in support of Glenbow, the largest museum in Western Canada. We are a member-based, not-for-profit, non-governmental arts and culture organization that relies on your support to help us fulfill our vision of more people experiencing art and culture more often.