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Going to the other side of the world is no short trip. On my way back to Canada from Ghana, I decided to stay comfy. 8 hours on a plane with a 5 hour lay over is no laughing matter. My particular dilemma was going from a warm (30 degrees) climate in Accra to a temperate one (5 degrees) in Amsterdam to a cold one (anything below -1 is cold) in Calgary. Here are my tips for long-haul flights from warm to cold climates or vice versa.

Layer when taking a long-haul flight

It can get hot quickly when standing in line to check in. You can be hot when you are struggling through security, but within 10 minutes you can be freezing in an air-conditioned plane. I wore a short-sleeved, cream crop-top as a base for my layering extravaganza. A cotton crop top is perfect for Ghanaian weather since it is short and breathable. Crop tops are still pretty popular, so wearing one made me seem fashionable.

Think about adding a couple items like a cardigan or blanket scarf that can easily be taken off and put back on in cases of temperature fluctuations.

what-to-wear-when-travelling-on-the-air-plane-klm-schripol-amsterdam-comfortable-travel-wear-african-print (2)

Wear natural breathable fabrics

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Ditch the stinky polyester. You will sweat like a pig and disturb your neighbors with your odor. Trust me, I am not making this stuff up. Choose something like a cashmere or light wool sweater that is warm and will let your skin breathe.

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Wear loose-fitting clothing when flying

An eight to 10 hour flight is not the time to wear your super skinny, restrictive jeans. When you want to bend your knees or cross your legs, you will be wishing you wore linen pants or stretchy cotton leggings/tights with a skirt. I chose to wear a high-waist African print maxi-skirt. Why? Because I could easily move around in it. It also doubled as a warm cover for my legs when I slept in the airport. It is a pretty modest skirt. I figured I would pair this skirt with my questionable crop top in the event I sat beside a stuffy conservative. With people from all over the world you have to be prepared! :p

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Comfortable flats are best on the plane

I always wear flats and pack fuzzy socks in my carry on. When you over sleep and only have 15 minutes to get to the gate before it closes, you will be happy you didn’t wear heels. I find flats easy to put on and slip off when it is time to relax. Also, you can’t wear your heels in the slight chance that you have to use the emergency slides on the plane. I prefer to have shoes on in all situations, no matter how slim.

Choose something stylish

Don’t let any one lie to you, sweatpants and track suits are not acceptable forms of dress in the airport terminal. Feel free to change into sweats when you are on the plane, but you can avoid a wardrobe change by wearing something comfortable AND stylish in the first place.

I know the aeroplane is public transit, but it is a slightly more high-class compared to the bus. Dress accordingly.

I stick to the Boho look (since it is almost always synonymous with layering) with minimal accessories. I only wore a few wood stretch bracelets. Keep it simple, keep it stylish.

what-to-wear-when-travelling-on-the-air-plane-klm-schripol-amsterdam-comfortable-travel-wear-african-print (3)
My “You’re wearing pyjama bottoms?” look

Other Tips

Always pack an extra outfit. You never know what could happen. I always bring extra underwear, a bra, and light comfortable clothes like a midi-skirt and tank top. Something could spill on you, your luggage could go missing, etc. You may say “I’ll just buy clothes in the airport”, but your selection of clothing may be limited to tacky “I love (insert city name here)” t-shirts and sweatpants! Beware! Do you have any tips for what to wear when you travel? Let me know on instagram, facebook, or leave a comment!