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The reason I love dresses is because they can be worn all year long. I transition my summer pieces from summer to fall by integrating fall colors, layering, and accessorizing. I bought this dress in “classic blue” which was a hot color for spring, but definitely counts as a fall hue. That means I can wear it from now until November!

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Layering is also key for transitioning from summer to fall. Layers like a simple grey sweater keep me comfortable during the unpredictable changes of Canadian weather.

Finally, accessories are my key to bringing summer clothing into the fall season. I love the bold look and choose statement necklaces and stacking bracelets to add additional depth to my look.


I personally hope summer never ends, but I have some tips to help you and I transition our summer pieces seamlessly into fall!

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Add Tights To Your Summer Dress

Tights under a pretty dress will make you look put together and keep you warm. You can feel free to play with pattern, color, and texture. Stocking up on tights doesn’t have to break the budget either. You can get a great pair from Time for Tights (a local Calgary business) for no more than $25.

If tights aren’t your thing go for leggings. They can have a bit more weight and they go perfectly with boots!

Layer, But Show Some Skin

The snow isn’t on the ground yet, so pile on the layers, but don’t forget to show some skin. Like I said before, layers keep you comfy and warm when the temperature dips.

Layered looks are fashion-forward, completely functional and can help you be subtly sexy (even while pregnant)! –

Try this tip: Layer long over lean. This means layering longer-length tops over leaner bottoms like skinny jeans. This tip helps to avoid the bulkiness that over-layering can add.

Wear Darker, Fall Colours

What are the fall colors, you may ask? I think any color that isn’t a pastel can pass as a fall colour, but traditionally, burgundy, purple, cobalt, and navy blue are true fall colors.

Don’t go crazy with the dark colours so early in the season. Just one dark garment in a fall color is enough. For example, pairing a black blazer over a great summer dress will add another few months of wear to it. Blazers are great during those in-between days of summer and fall so invest in a great one.

Happy transitioning!

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