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This OOTD was taken in Regina (which is a hole). These are the only pictures I took in that city because, honestly, Regina shouldn’t even be called a city with it’s crumbling road infrastructure and sad, sad ‘downtown’. Anyway! This photo was taken in the most interesting place I could find: a brightly painted bench.


I went to the Cathedral area which is supposed to be the trendy area of the city. I found a few cool independent shops like Seed Sustainable Style which just had a grand re-opening (the store is in the background of the picture below).


third-trimester-fashion-styling-the-bump (2)

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I ate up the road at Cathedral Freehouse and it was absolutely horrendous. I swore I would never eat in Regina again, but I had to get something to eat on my way back home and I ate at Korea House (1388 11th Ave) which was amazing! To be honest, it was the saving grace of my trip to Regina.

third trimester style what to wear when seven months

Outfit details

This outfit was perfect for the weather and give my bump room to expand when I ate. I didn’t get a chance to do my hair properly before I left for this trip, so I was forced to wear my hair straight.

This blue top was perfect and breezy. I really love this color and it provided a great contrast to my hair and the skirt. Finally, I added a bit of layered jewelry and called it a day!

If you have another side of the Regina story to tell, please feel free to leave a comment below. However, speaking to other people, I don’t suspect I’m far off with my dislike for the place they claim to be a city!

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