March 4, 2016 Jameela 5Comment

On a sunny afternoon in Victoria, my husband and I decided we wanted breakfast. I personally believe that breakfast can be an all day affair. I love breakfast so much that I’ve been known to have waffle and eggs for dinner! We asked our host what she recommended, and she pointed us to “The Jam Cafe” located downtown.

All day breakfast in Victoria, Canada

In our quest for a great all day breakfast place, we asked our host to recommend something. She encouraged us to go to “The Jam Cafe”, located in downtown Victoria. Luckily, our host lives downtown, so we took a little stroll. Downtown Victoria is quite lovely, and I have some great photos of the area that I’ll post later. When we got to the cafe there was a line out the door! The server offered us coffee as we waited and it was mad decent.the-jam-cafe-victoria-coffee-cup

Fried Chicken Benedict

if you know anything about me, you know that I love chicken. I am an avid meat-eater and chicken is my preferred meat! When I heard The Jam served Fried Chicken Benedict I knew that was the dish for me. The Jam’s Fried Chicken Benedict is described as “Two poached eggs, whole fried chicken breast, classic hollandaise topped with roasted corn salsa over a toasted English muffin.”  I chose hash browns for my side dish, and let me tell you, this dish did not disappoint.

chicken-and-waffles-at-the-jam-cafe-victoriachicken-and-waffles-at-the-jam-cafe-victoria (1)

Peter got a massive meal dubbed The Charlie Bowl. This goliath bowl of food was described on the menu as “…crumbled biscuit, hash browns, diced ham, green onions, cheddar and sausage gravy topped with two sunny side eggs.” 

It definitely was a team effort to finish this.


Sustainable Style

I had never been to Victoria before, and I suspected it was full of old people and hippies. I wasn’t entirely wrong, but I definitely wasn’t right. For this West Coast trip, I packed lots of colourful comfortable clothing. I also bought a few things along the way like this Part Two blue top from Courtney Boutique in Vancouver (a post about my first ferry ride to come soon).

I paired my new top with my favourite yoga jeans from, you guessed it, Studio Intent. I don’t know where this scarf is from because I am almost positive that I “permanently borrowed” it from my mom. Finally, I made the necklace from recycled brass and recycled glass beads.

The nice thing about Victoria is that the people are very friendly and you can tell they dress how they want. No one was trying too hard, and that made it very easy to fit in. These days I’m not trying very hard!