April 1, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

It’s April and the weather is not co-operating. It was only a few days ago that I was wearing a dress with no sweater. These days, I am burdened under many layers just to keep warm!

On this day, it was over cast with a dreary wet snow/snow/rain/sleet type precipitation.

I have developed an aversion to pants lately, so I decided that a black and cream colour-block type skirt ($5.00 at aĀ Dress for Success Sale – one happening April 16th) with thick black leggings would do the trick.

mom-mommy-fashion-blogger-womens-street-style-calgary-canada-handmade-jewelry (1)

I was feeling particularly unmotivated that day and it really showed in my colour combinations. Cream and navy blue on the top half of my body. How creative! When I saw myself in the mirror I thought “I might as well inject some interest with a bright clutch and colourful layered bracelets“. I didn’t stop there! I NEEDED necklaces since I wasn’t wearing any earrings. So I chose a feather pendant necklace and an antelope necklace šŸ™‚

mom-mommy-fashion-blogger-womens-street-style-calgary-canada-handmade-jewelry (3)

mom-mommy-fashion-blogger-womens-street-style-calgary-canada-handmade-jewelry (4)


I really hope that weather turns around (for the better) so that my mind is automatically drawn to bright colours and light fabrics.Ā mom-mommy-fashion-blogger-womens-street-style-calgary-canada-handmade-jewelry (5)


Until then, I will do my best and suffer through šŸ˜›

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