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I did a bit of shopping a while ago at a sidewalk sale in Airdrie! The Store Upstairs had the best dresses on sale and I could not resist picking up this cutout dress. I thought it would be a great maternity dress because of its elastic waist and awesome pattern.

five-5-months-pregnant-style (4)

Not only that, but the back of the dress has an adjustable band which is perfect for the expanding size of my bra.

second-trimester-style-maternity-dresses-black-blogger (3)

I also love this dress because it is so breezy, and  the length is perfect for summer.pattern-cut-out-dress-calgary-style-blogger (1)

The neckline is also perfect for a simple necklace.twists-hairstyle-black-fashion-blogger-calgary-canada (1)


Second Trimester Fashion Tips

Maternity Fashion Tip #1

Buy stretch fabric that will grow with you

    • Chances are that you will be able to wear these clothes after you have your baby. I made the mistake of buying specific maternity clothes during my first pregnancy. I never wear those clothes anymore because they weren’t my style. Now, I buy clothing that fit during my first trimester, but have the ability to take me into my third trimester.

Maternity Fashion Tip #2

Invest in a great bra

  • I have to admit I haven’t really gotten around to this yet. I think I have grown about a cup size. Fortunately, I have some bras from my first pregnancy that fit now. My normal sized bras are woefully inadequate to hold in all the extra boob I have acquired.

Maternity Fashion Tip #3

Maxi Dresses

  • Maxi dresses are a perfect maternity piece. I don’t really feel like I need to expand on this.

Maternity Fashion Tip #4

Long tops

  • Long tops are a pregnant woman’s best friend! I tend to grow forward and not wide during pregnancy, so finding a very long top is ideal. This way when I expand I still have enough fabric to cover my belly. Have you ever seen those people who are wearing tops that are too small for them and their gut is hanging out? You wouldn’t want to look like that.

five-5-months-pregnant-style (3)

pattern-cut-out-dress-calgary-style-blogger (2)
Check out this awesome print!

second-trimester-style-maternity-dresses-black-blogger (2)

Do you have a favorite maternity dress or a pregnancy style tip I left out? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram (when I get around to posting this there!)