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Sometimes one must venture into the deep south (past Anderson Drive), fight traffic, and surround themselves with the “other”. Only the strong survive such a journey.

what to wear when eeryone else around you is boring

*Revival Style Clothing dress/shirt from Studio Intent. Handmade hat from Market Collective. Fox Clutch was a Garage Sale find*

Why this outfit works

This picture was taken at 8:30AM in the morning which is early for me. I left my house at 7:50 AM. This was an outfit that I needed to be able to throw on in order to maximize my sleep time. The shirt and cardigan on their own are shapeless pieces. In an attempt to not look frumpy, I decided to use a skinny belt to define my waist.

The brown boots provide a bit of warmth and are a better alternative to flats. The gold detail on the boots (not shown) matches the gold detail on the clutch and belt. This gives the outfit a more cohesive look. Finally the hat adds a bit of colour and much needed warmth.

Things I would add with more time include a pair of statement earrings and a simple necklace that fits under the collar.

printed dress and bots for fall
I love this dress because the fabric is handmade in India.

I think i did pretty decent for my 15 minutes allotted time to get dressed.printed dress and bots for fall printed dress and bots for fall