January 17, 2015 Jameela 0Comment

I went out for pizza and wine in Ghana on a Monday night. I drank my wine in the car on the way to the pizza place. Awesome. Right?

There is a place in Osu called Shisha lounge. Apart from Una Pizza and Wine and Without Papers Pizza in Calgary, the Shisha Lounge in Accra had been the tastiest pizza I have tried. I didn’t bring my camera along, but Shisha lounge is a cozy, two story restaurant/club (in the evening). 100 year old trees grow within the centre of the space, so as you ascend the stairs to the roof top patio, you can reach out and touch the past!

high-waist-black-skirt-fashion-travel-blogger-what-to-wear-in-ghana-african-print-modern-style-calgary (4)I had Chicken Pizza (40 GHS ~ $14.81 CAD) this time around. It wasn’t as awesome as I had remembered, but it did the trick. I only had breakfast that day, so by 7:30 PM I was starving. Everything tastes good on an empty stomach!

I wore a long, black skirt that I got from Joyce’s Closet and a crop top that I bought from Zoharous in Ghana. I wore my hair up because it gets a bit hot when I wear it down. I wore department store brown flats. Brown works best in the weather because it is so dusty. Black shoes just turn white!
high-waist-black-skirt-fashion-travel-blogger-what-to-wear-in-ghana-african-print-modern-style-calgary (15)high-waist-black-skirt-fashion-travel-blogger-what-to-wear-in-ghana-african-print-modern-style-calgary (2)