October 16, 2015 Jameela 1Comment

This photo is me at approximately 31 weeks. I don’t keep track of what week I am. This is my second pregnancy and it is a lot more casual than the first. When people ask when I am due I respond “at the end of November”. Why? ¬†Because babies come when they come. I don’t want to anyone to call me two days after my “due date” and ask how the baby is doing when it hasn’t been born yet!

Anyway, these days there are only a few things that fit me. Stretchy skirts and leggings are my staple! I didn’t want to give up the crop-tops since the weather is still relatively good, so I am rocking one in this outfit. Paired with a blazer and heels, I think I look like a pretty cool pregnant woman.


Outfit Details: Blazer: Thrifted Similar Made in Canada Blazer Here | Skirt: My Mom’s! Similar Quality and Style Modern African Print Here | Necklace (on sale!): Alora Boutique | Earrings: Alora Boutique | Bracelets: Alora Boutique | Shoes: Sustainable Alternative Heremodern-african-print-skirt-fashion-blogger-canada (1) african wax print skirt modern-african-print-skirt-fashion-blogger-canada (3) modern african print skirt third-trimester-pregnancy-style-mommy-blogger-canada (1) third trimester pregnancy style handmade-faritrade-eco-friendly-jewelry-canada (1) handmade faritrade ecofashion jewelry necklace handmade tribal earrings