December 23, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

I am so happy that Christmas shopping is over. Don’t get me wrong, rampant consumerism is great for business, but it cuts into my creative and family time.

While selling at markets I like to buy a few things for myself. Usually I buy clothing. This is a one of my favourite outfits I wore during the Market Season. I bought this dress from Rittava, a Calgary seamstress that also made my red dress (below). I love the way her dresses fit and feel. Since I am a local “designer” (designer is in quotes because the word is over used and has lost its meaning) I do my best to shop local where I couldn’t decide which filter to use, so I made a collage of all three!

The dress itself is pretty basic, so I happily obliged with layered semi-precious stone stretch bracelets and an over-sized tassel necklace because the dress begged for accessories. We all know clothes have feeling and desires! I really only made and wore the silver and burgundy tassel necklace because I was experimenting with trends. For the record, tassels are a trend I personally don’t like, but it never hurts to try something once. Since it was too cold to have my legs bare, I put on some grey leggings and sensible brown

I like Rittava’s dresses because she makes them with long sleeves. If there is one thing I really dislike, it is having to find a sweater of blazer to pair with a sleeveless dress or shirt. I ALWAYS know I will get cold and need the extra layer. Finding the right piece that is a complimentary colour, style, and structure can really be a drag. That is why I like the built-in warmth that sleeves provide!

Below is my red dress from the same (2)

I also have to confess that I purchased this dress in black.

When you find a designer you like do you stock up on everything they make?