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I know that I have been posting a lot of OOTDs and very few posts of substance, but the weather is great and I am feeling great!

Most people in Calgary (Canada) know that Lilac Festival signals the beginning of “Festival Season”. It is one of the largest street festivals in the city spanning over 15 city blocks. There is live entertainment, food vendors, and a plethora of shopping at the festival.

I knew it was going to be crowded and hot and that I had to be comfortable. That is why I wore this…

crop-tops-in-the-first-trimester-mommy-blogger-calgary-fashion (1)

Calgary Festival Attire

I was convinced that this was the perfect outfit for lilac. It was bright enough, and paired with flats, tres comfortable! The material used in both the crop top and skirt is stretchy and comfortable. The fabric pattern on both the items match and that I decided they would go great together.

calgary-street-style-lilac-festival-canada-fashion-blogger (681x1024)

Outfit Details

I really liked the fact that the crop top had a plunging neckline. I thought it was appropriate to wear this since I have a smaller chest. *I believe that you can wear whatever you want regardless of your body shape, but there is a time and place for everything!*

Since my neckline was steep and my midriff was showing, I kept the hemline on my skirt long.

crop-tops-in-the-first-trimester-mommy-blogger-calgary-fashion (681x1024)

I (permanently) borrowed my cousins cat-eye sunglasses and wore a feather statement necklace.

black-bloggers-in-canada-natural-hair (1024x1024) boho-handmade-jewelry-in-calgary-canada-fashion-blogger (1024x1024)

Outfit Functionality

This outfit proved to be both cute and functional. I set up a booth at lilac festival (in this outfit) and hung out with friends and my daughter! I even got to enjoy a Popsicle that was graciously given to me by my daughter.

eating-popsicle-calgary-style (681x1024) handmade-jewelry-calgary-black-bloggers-mommy-bloggers (1024x1024) lilac-festical-street-style-fashion-blog-calgary (681x1024) mother and daughter having fun (1024x1024)beautiful-baby-girl-cornrows (681x1024)toddler-eatting-doritos (681x1024)


Overall, it was a pretty great day with amazing weather. I even had a chance to smell the lilacs.

sniffing-lilacs-calgary-flowers-fashion-bloggers-boho-chic-style (1) (1024x1024)