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I love going out for dinner. Especially when it is free! Nothing tastes better than food you didn’t have to cook or pay for :p

Unfortunately, I was in between hairstyles, so I was forced to wear my hair straight. It was difficult for me to leave the house, but I powered through and made the best of a boring hair-do.

The venue for the date was Gaucho Brazilian BBQ (100 5920 Macleod Trail SW). I had heard of the place because I did some payroll for them once upon a time. It felt kind of weird going there knowing what people made, but really the only one who knew I knew was me.

What I wore

I decided I wasn’t going to let winter beat me. That is why I opted for a bright blue dress and orange blazer. Normally, I would pair an outfit like this with a neutral pump and bag, but I thought “No! I am going to a Brazilian restaurant. Those people appreciate colour, so I will go all out.”

Date Night Outfit Orange blazer blue dress colourful pumpsDate night outfit blue peplum dress handmade recycled glass jewelry and recycled brassSure, the dress is short, but I feel that it is still age appropriate. I also do my fair share of leg exercises at the gym and my summer tan hasn’t faded yet, so I don’t feel like I have to hide my legs.

I also think the the shorter hemline draws attention to my shoes which are a personal favourite. I recovered them in African wax print. They used to be these really ugly brown, faux crocodile skin shoes. I bought them when I was 15 or 16, so I forgive myself. I was just happy that I could save them from the garbage dump. African wax print pumps

I also thought that my vintage leather clutch/cross-body bag went well with the blue, orange and colourful shoes individually. In my mind it meant that it went with the whole outfit overall!Date night outfit blue peplum dress handmade recycled glass jewelry and recycled brass

Finally, I was torn between two necklaces. A beaded choker style necklace and a simple brass necklace. The shorter necklace was a bit more sophisticated, but I felt it aged me. The brass necklace was fun, but too simple. I felt that on their own they just weren’t enough of a statement, so I decided to wear them both! Date night outfit blue peplum dress

The Restaurant

The name of the game at Gaucho is Rodízio style dining. I adore this style of dining because it is the perfect blend of all-you-can-eat buffet and sit-down dining.Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary

Gaucho was a bit smaller than I imagined it would be, but it was a very cozy restaurant with dark floors and very masculine tables and chairs. The ambiance that was created with the lighting made the space warm and inviting. Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary

Upon entry they had many food items that seemed to be pretty authentically Brazilian. I can’t say for sure since I have never visited the country, but I don’t think they would sell vietnamese sauces and pass it off as Brazilian. Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary

The salad buffet was amazing. They had every type of salad you could possibly want: green, kale, quinoa, beet. You name it, they had it. The salads I tried were pretty fresh too. I honestly wouldn’t expect anything less. Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary

I actually loved the table we sat at. It was like a reclaimed door or something that they had put a piece of glass over. It was so well done! The contrast between the rustic nature of the wood and the smooth finish of the glass was an excellent combination. I wonder if some savvy interior designer thought that the juxtaposition of the two materials would evoke a sense of excitement and wonder in partons OR of it was just a fluke. Maybe someone thought “We can’t just have the wood exposed: it will be too hard to clean. Let’s put a piece of glass over it!”

*You can see the table in the picture below of the food*

Anyway, once I loaded up on carbs and veggies it was protien time! They had four types of beef, two types of chicken, pork and lamb to choose from. My favourite was the beef ribs and top sirloin. I didn’t care much for the brisket or rump steak. I honestly couldn’t finish it. I think it was a combination of the flavour and way it was cooked. It tasted slightly off in the less cooked parts. Maybe it just wasn’t for me.

I don’t eat pork (not for religious reasons. I just think it is a nasty tasting meat…unless it is bacon! Yes to bacon.), so I didn’t try that. The lamb and chicken wings were the bomb. The sauce on the lamb was to die for. It was bursting with flavour. It was also well cooked and super moist. If I didn’t think I would get protein poisoning from the sheer amount of meat I ate  I would have asked for thirds.

I have to note that I did eat one chicken heart. I was reluctant at first, but I thought “Why not?” It was good. Not good enough to have a second, but good nonetheless. I think it was the fact that it was a chicken heart that deterred me from eating another. At least I can say I tried it!

I also had the house red wine, which satisfied me. I didn’t drink the whole glass mostly because I was stuffed almost to the brim with food.

Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary

The service was quite excellent. Our server was personable and quite helpful. I usually never have a problem with servers. Not to pat myself on the back, but I think that when you are nice to a server (or any other human being) they tend to treat you better. I am usually super nice to servers. I always make sure to say thank you for the little things they do and ask them how their day is going.

Overall, it was a good dining experience and I would like to go back. Next time I go I will make sure I have 4 hours to hang around and wait for my belly to become empty so I can eat more lamb!

My Recommendation: Go hungry. You will leave full.Gaucho Brazilian Barbecue inside calgary


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