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A couple of Fridays ago, my husband and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and have a “picnic” outside. I use the word picnic loosely because we didn’t make or pack any food for the picnic. We decided to buy food from our favourite Vietnamese place off 17th avenue, desert from the mission district in Calgary, and eat it outside. That qualifies as a picnic in my mind.

We went to a really quiet park in Calgary to have our food and dessert (I didn’t get around to photographing it, but it was delicious). It was so nice and quiet that we didn’t see a single soul for about an hour. Which in a city of 1.2 million people is pretty good!

After eating we took pictures of our new socks and went out for a coffee at Purple Perk in Mission.

date night picnic calgary canada (1) date night picnic calgary canada

What I wore: 90s style

I was super excited for the weather and I felt like channelling the 90s. I don’t remember what people wore in the 90s. I was alive, but I was just getting the hang of walking, reading and writing during that decade!

What people wore in the 90s

  • windbreaker suits (looool)
  • belly shirts (crop tops)
  • Oversized clothing
  • Boots
  • Flannel shirts
  • Overalls (I had a pair in grade 3!)

90s urban style colourful belly tops music

What I wore was what I imagine people my age wore in the 90s. Lots of loud, bright colours, belly shirts, and oversized clothing. Obviously, I don’t have any clothes that fit me from the 90s, but I do have a few pieces in my closet that fit that description!

90-fashion-style-urban-grunge-calgary-canada-bloggernatural-hair-pig-tail-up-do-star-wars (1280x851)printed wind breaker 90s stylewind breaker 90s style floral patterngrunge boots

I got my jacket from Joyce’s Closet, and since it was spring I paired it with a floral print crop top. I figured that I would tone down my bottom half and wore a pair of black pants that I found in my laundry (I suspect they are my cousin’s pants. If I have to wash your clothes I have a stake in them!) and boots that I feel someone who was into grunge in the 90s would wear.

90s Gangsta Rap

You can’t talk about the 1990s without talking about one of the most culturally influential (at least in Canada and the USA) genres of music: Gangsta Rap. A genre so influential that lawmakers and researchers of the late 80s and early 90s took notice. I won’t go into that here, but I did decide to take some “gangster photos” to embody the 90s. I wasn’t wearing enough black or flannel to do 90s Grunge poses. Plus, grunge music was unbearably  depressing.          90s-inspired-ootd (1280x1280)90-fashion-style-urban-grunge-calgary-canada-blogger (2)praying hands 90s outfit90-fashion-style-urban-grunge-calgary-canada-blogger (1)

I’m going to call it and say that the 90s were one of the greatest decades. HAHA. Just kidding.






I want to note that I have no idea about the struggle of those who live(d) in urban America and don’t understand the complexity of that life. Even so, I think these photos are hilarious and it’s my blog.