August 22, 2014 Jameela 1Comment

I spotted this lovely necklace at PARKSALE in the Victoria Park Area of Calgary, Canada. This was my second time seeing it around town and I knew I had to have it. The necklace is so bold and colourful! I knew it would fit my style perfectly. I also like it because it “steals the show”. Wearing this necklace took deliberate thought and planning. I knew I couldn’t wear it with just anything. Many people would wear this necklace with all black, but I decided that in the middle of summer it was an offence to wear all black. I did use a simple black t-shirt as a base, but I added the u-shopper basket and a Ghana wax print belt as compliments to the necklace.

In hindsight, I think I could have done without the belt since it was a bit close to the necklace and slightly competes with the necklace in the picture. In real life it worked. I am open to hearing how you would have worn this necklace.

The woman who made it, Marcela Zafra, is such a kind and friendly person. A lot of her work is colourful and fun. You can find her at many local markets in Calgary. I took the picture below from her facebook page, but you can check out her website here! Colombian FlairMarcela Zafra Pulido