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WOW! It has been a month since I have posted. It has been a crazy month (yeah, I know I always say that) but I am back! I have so many posts to share. I just haven’t had the time to get to my computer to do much else but work.

….Okay, I admit I did spend a weekend binge-watching 13 Reasons Why, but let’s not talk about that!

Here is my outfit post. I think that this outfit is a PEEEEEERFECT stampede outfit. For those of you know don’t know what Stampede is, it is a 10-day party in Calgary. I hear there is a rodeo component, but I have never been. Ah well :p.

The Fringes

Alright, so Calgary is a pretty basic city, but once a year, the “cowboys” come out of their offices and don cowboy hats and cowboy boots. I’m not about that life, but I LOVE a great fringe. Fringe is eternally “in”: the Babylonians and Mesopatimmians wore fringe, and closer to home, the Native Americans use fringe as a staple in their clothing.

What I Would Wear to Calgary Stampede

If I were going to stampede this year, I would give a nod to the Western Living and rock this leather jacket (found at Velour Clothing Exchange).

Figuratively speaking

In order to not take the cowboy theme literally, I paired this jacket with dark denim, black heeled boots (I do not own cowboy boots) and a contemporary, yet oversized belt buckle. A splash of color is always needed hence the purple tank.

Here’s to hoping that one day I can fully embrace the Stampede, cowboy boots and all!





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