May 20, 2016 Jameela 0Comment

I’ve been spending a lot of time in my car lately. Way too much time in my car. I bet that I spend at least 10 hours a week in my car. At least. Since I am a lazy, North American car dweller, I have to keep myself entertained. I do that by playing music.

My husband gets annoyed with me because I like to listen to the same songs on repeat until I get bored of them. I just tell him that he doesn’t have to drive with me! Listening to the same song over and over again until I get bored of it is a really bad habit of mine. In my defense, I would argue that it gives me a chance to suck all the enjoyment out of it in a short amount of time. That way I can move on with my life! I do that with lots of things: coats, bags, shoes, cake. I will get something new, love it, and then be like “well that was fun” and revert back to classics like flats, that one bag that holds everything, and rice and chicken!

Enough about that. My first song that is always on repeat is by Skepta. Skepta is a British Grime artist that has been making music for at least 10 years. I hate to carbon date myself, but my first real boyfriend was British and introduced me to grime. Grime is, in the most simple terms, a subset of British hip-hop. British friends, please don’t get mad at me for oversimplifying this type of music! I loved Dizzee Rascal, Kano (‘Ghetto Kyote’, ‘Ps and Qs’ anyone?), JME (‘Serious’). Despite the fact that these tracks were what I was all about in high school, I haven’t listened to grime music in a while.

One day when I was checking to see when Bastille (I have some of their songs on repeat too) would be performing in Canada. I saw that they would be at Osheaga in Montreal at the end of July. I thought to myself “OMG sweeeet. I wonder who else will be going. Maybe if there are other good artists it will be worth it to get tickets.” I checked the list of artists and I discovered that Skepta would be there. O-M-G. No way. I looked up some of his latest music and instantly downloaded this song.

Just a little warning: the following music is full of profanity and non-family friendly lyrics.

Skepta’s track is best listened to with your bass turned all the way up. The beat is gritty and ‘grimy’. The one thing I enjoy about grime music it that the beats are always sick and are paired with sensible lyrics. It is as if every song tells a story. Unlike some American rap music which leads me to my next song.


Alright, I have almost nothing to say about this song except that I love the beat. I don’t understand anything Desiigner is saying except “I got broads in Atlanta” and something about chickens. I am left with so many questions: What does Panda mean? Why does he have to mention that he has broads in Atlanta? Why is he counting chickens?

I am sure if I look up the lyrics I will be gravely disappointed that I am listening to this song. That is why I have chosen to stay ignorant and enjoy it while I can.

This music makes me want to dress in an all black tracksuit and turn up in the club with my crew… If only I had a black tracksuit and a crew. I guess I will just have to pretend in my car!