October 20, 2014 Jameela 0Comment

For the past few months I have fallen really started to enjoy Bastille’s music. I was first introduced to their amazing music on CBC Radio 2 Drive. Bastille is an English rock band from London.

Their sound is pop/rock which I can deal with. They have a lot of synthetic sounds that make you believe that they are playing instruments like the guitar. On tracks like “Bad Blood” the electronic elements really compliment the percussion. One of my prefered songs “Flaws” has got a hip-hop type beat and “Pompeii”, another favorite, has a resounding choral music/choir sound to it. The songs I like have a great pop chorus coupled with the powerful male lead vocals of Dan Smith. Even though Dan has a painfully boring name he was able to create a grand, rich, elaborate and satisfying sound with his band. *Yes I know that your name has almost no correlation to what you can excel in*

Check out my favorite songs


“Bad Blood”