April 30, 2017 Jameela 0Comment

I knew I needed a decent sunscreen for summer. I didn’t want to keep stealing my kids sunscreen and I needed something that came in a small, easily portable package.

Where to find Neutrogena Dry Touch Sunscreen

I searched the shelves at the grocery store (I was already there and couldn’t be bothered to make an extra trip) for something non-greasy.
This was the only reasonable option with high SPF. Now, I read somewhere that super high SPF is no more effective than 60SPF since you have to reapply anyway after 60-80 minutes.
That being said, I didn’t want to buy a 30 SPF version.

How the Neutrogena Sunscreen applies

The Neutrogena applies well and it doesn’t feel greasy. However it leaves behind a kind of powdery look after it has dried. On my skin tone it just leaves me looking ashy if I don’t blend it in well.
My husband tried it and it left plenty white marks in his beard. If you have chocolate skin I do not recommend this product.
The Neutrogena SPF 110 product is great for using under make up or mixing with your foundation. Since it has a matte like finish it is great for fighting oily patches that can develop throughout the day.

The packaging is decent. In a gradient blue to white bottle with a translucent pale blue cap. At 88mL is it easy to carry around in almost and midsized purse.

I wouldn’t buy this product again, but I think of you have light skin and the streaks blend into your tone it can be good.

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